Meet Schmitz’ Katze, spokesperson (for the second time!) of the German domain in the upcoming Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

Welcome back! Since you have already introduced yourself once for Legends on Tour 2018, tell us something we don’t know already about you.

I have always loved games. I kind of grew up between thousands of board games in the company my mom worked for. When I was younger I spent huge amounts of my time with RPGs and on conventions.
And I am an awful chess player, long term strategy is too much for my brain.

Describe in 3 words the first Travian: Legends’ gameworld that you played.

Overchallenging. Amazing. And highly addictive.

What does “being part of an alliance” mean to you? What’s your favorite aspect?

It means understanding that your account is part of something greater. You’re part of a team to which everyone can contribute. Understanding personalities and desires, helping each other, achieving more than single accounts could achieve. Dealing with flaws and failures, to have everyone give their best. In two phrases: team spirit and synergy effect. And lots of fun in a group I trust.

What’s the achievement you are most proud of on a Travian: Legends gameworld?

The alliance I still play in. And the people there I had the pleasure to meet.

Are you excited to join Legends on Tour once again? What are your expectations this time?

Not sure if I am excited. I am looking forward to seeing you all again and meet others who I don’t know yet. Share ideas and visions… On the other hand, I am a bit concerned about how much or little effect this will (or can) have and what we can achieve.

Thank you for your time, Schmitz’ Katze, and see you soon in Munich!