5 Questions with Panda ~ Legends on Tour 2019

Meet Panda, spokesperson of the Russian domain in the upcoming Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

Let’s pretend you were new to the Travian: Legends community. How would you introduce yourself?

Oh my, it was a long time ago. Well, the best way to get support from the forum community is to comment with something like: “too few rams!” After this, you don’t need any introduction.

Do you remember the first gameworld that you played? How did it go?

It was ts.5 Russian server. I was just playing with my friends, but then we got invited in an ally and I remember that I didn’t want to play with all these new people and chat with them on skype. Step by step I became the leader of this alliance. From that moment, I got more into the coordination of alliances. The most memorable story from that server happened when the artifacts spawned and we tried to check if it was possible to get two small arties into a big treasury. Of course, it wasn’t.

What kind of player are you on Travian: Legends?

I’d say that I’m a skilled player with a good knowledge of theory and practice. My role in the alliance is managing players.

What makes you come back to Travian: Legends and register account after account?

It’s always my friends, whom again and again drag me in this several-months-adventure.

What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming Legends on Tour event?

Well, most of the players in the Russian community are sure that LoT is useless because of last year’s meeting results. I hope that this year it will be more productive and we can elaborate together changes that players really need, not only visual changes of design but also in-game ones.

Thank you for your time, Panda, and see you soon in Munich!

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