5 Questions with Demix_IT ~ Legends on Tour 2019

Meet Demix_IT, spokesperson of the Italian domain in the upcoming Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

Nice to meet you, Demix_IT! Imagine you are introducing yourself to your new alliance. What would you tell them about yourself?

Hi guys, nice to meet you! My name is Simone and I am one of the many student-workers who neither study much nor work to play Travian.

I would say: I am very happy to be here in this game world and I hope, actually I am pretty sure, we will have fun. For me, it’s very important to make new friends and have a good relationship with all the player of the alliance…. and of course, have fun. In this game world, I will play as a defender, so if someone needs defensive troops or cut or any kind of help I’m very happy to support you. Let’s enjoy this game world and win it all together!

Do you remember the first game world that you played? Was it challenging?

Yes, I remember it. The first gameworld I played was in 2007, if I’m not wrong it was a 3x T3 version. I started this gameworld 20 days later so for this reason, all players around me were much bigger than I was.

It wasn’t very hard but it was strange compared to now. We didn’t know so much about the game, so we were always trying to understand how to do this and that, for example, the real effects of an artifact like the Fool. I was a young boy back then, I was only 11, so of course, my mind was different from now and I was more childlike. I found many players older than me and they became my mentors. They protected me in this game. Thanks to them and all the other friends I’ve met in the next gameworlds, I was always improving.

Do you always stick to the same tribe or do you like to switch things around and experiment with your gameplay?

My favorite tribe is the Teutons, but I like to switch according to my game strategy. So if I want to have a big hammer to attack theWW, I would choose the Romans, but if I want to play as a defender, I choose Gauls.

What’s your favorite aspect of Travian: Legends?

My favorite aspect is friendship. You meet people from all part of your country and of the world. Everyone is at the same level, we don’t see differences between thoughts, culture, religion, orientation. Everyone could be seen either as an ally or an enemy.

What’s the topic you are looking forward to discussing the most in the upcoming Legends on Tour event?

The topic that I am looking forward to discussing is the new tutorial system for newbie players.

I think it’s very important because a lot of players leave the game without seeing all its aspects or discovering just a small part of them.
Maybe if they could see them better from the start, they’d continue to play.

Thank you for your time, Demix_IT, and see you soon in Munich!