Travian: Path To Pandora ~ Game Mechanics

Let’s have a look at the main game features of Path to Pandora 😉 You can check the full list here. And the balancing changes here.

The basic features are the same we had in Travian: Fire and Sand, including:

  • Ancient Europe map, sized 401×401, except for IR, SA, Arabia, COM and TR which will instead have a bigger map spanning 801×801
  • 87 conquerable regions that produce victory points
  • Troop forwarding and troop merging
  • The server is won by having the highest number of victory points after 200 days

These are the special features for Travian: Path to Pandora which we’ve kept from last year.

New art for buildings

As you saw in Shu’s story, every tribe has its own specific art for the buildings .

Conquering system

You can only play one account per round in Travian, but we still want you to be able to see all this amazing new artwork. The Game Design team has therefore decided to change the basic mechanics of conquering and make things more interesting.

When you conquer another tribe’s village in Travian: Path to Pandora, the village will not change tribe type, except for the Natars (see below). Let’s see how this works with a visual example.

As you can see, if you have a Hun account and conquer a Gaul village, and if the defender built a Trapper, you will find it in that village (the only building that will not stay are the Walls, like in Travian: Legends). What else happens?

  • You won’t be able to build the specific building for the Huns in this village, since the village belongs to the Gaul tribe.
  • You’ll be able to train Gaul troops, chieftains and settlers.
  • If you send your settlers from that village to settle a new one, the new village will also be Gaul.
  • If you send your chieftain from that village to conquer another village, the conquered village will not switch tribes.
  • If you send your chieftain from that village to conquer a Natar village, the conquered Natar village will change to the Gaul tribe.

What about the hero?

  • Your hero will always belong to the account tribe, so in this case he will always a Hun.
  • If you send the hero to the Gaul village you conquered and make it his new home, your hero bonus will affect the Gaul troops in attack and defence. What’s more, if the hero wears Gaul troop items, these will also affect the troops.
  • If the home village of the Hun hero is a Gaul village, the hero can find Gaul troops when sent on adventures.
  • Since the hero belongs to the Hun account and will always be a Hun hero, he will only find Hun weapons on adventures.

What about the troops?

  • Troops from different tribes belonging to the same account CANNOT be merged.

Confederacy system

In Travian: Path to Pandora, we changed how confederacies work. You will only be able to have a confederacy comprising four alliances, which have to be connected with each other.

What does this mean?

  • Alliance A and Alliance B may create a confederacy; one of them will send the request to the other, and the other will accept. This works the same as in Travian: Legends.
  • At this point, Alliance A wants to also have Alliance C in the confederacy; the confederacy request needs to be sent by both Alliance A and Alliance B, only then will Alliance C be able to accept.

What else?

  • With the new system, you can only send resources and troops to your own account, alliance or confederacy.
  • The public offers in the marketplace are still available for everybody unless you check the “own alliance only” option. In this case, it will still only be available for alliance members.