First of all, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: we had a rough time this year with our dear Tournament. A  lot of unexpected issues occurred, but we are not here to talk about that. We have a forum post about it that you can read here. Nevertheless, Safiren has prepared an update for you! Enjoy!

Finals are in the last stage, construction plans arrived close to their forecasted positions. As predicted, Union and Uollas conquered most of the plans, 5 and 4 respectively. The remaining ones fell in the hands of CUP (2), IM and Dacia (1 each).

After the plans were activated, Union was the first to start building, but since World Wonders are vulnerable at low levels, they have been slowed down so that CUP and SPQR could climb up to the top.

During the weekend things changed. The biggest WWKs did their best, CUP and SPQR were zeroed and UNION‘s World Wonder slowly raised to a level where no hammer could do more damage than just a few levels due to a strong defense.

When I wrote this, UNION was on level 55 and it had around 200 hours of building time left to 100, which will occur on the 20th  or 21st of Mars. Their advantage is so huge that even if more hammers would attack them or their construction plans would be forced to move, the delay on their victory will not even be one day.

You can find the WWKs here.

This is the current situation: