Tournament Finals 2018 ~ Interview لورنس (Lorance) & Black Pearl (TDF/CS)

Our reporter Safiren is back with a double interview to two expert diplomats. We are talking about لورنس (shield) and Black Pearl (TDF/CS)

Hey there, so tell us a bit about yourself and how long have you been playing Travian: Legends?

لورنس: My name is Ahmed, I come from Egypt. I have been playing since 2007.

Black Pearl: Hello, I’m Branco. I have been playing for 11 years now. I have a Master in Economics and I used to work as an investment manager. Now I’m a pro gamer (other game of course).

How did you first find out about Travian: Legends? Do you remember your first server?

لورنس: My first server was in 2007. It was a x1 server and I first found this game strange and different from other games out in that period. I found it by chance.

Black Pearl: Yes, I remember. Some friends were playing it in school and I got really into it from the start, even though I was a little douchebag back then 😉

What’s the most challenging aspect of being an alliance leader?

لورنس: Being an alliance leader has a lot of challenges, so I don’t like to be a leader myself but I do help Omaross who is the leader of Shield. The most important aspect and hardest challenge, in my opinion, is the organization and orientation of the whole alliance in hard times; to go through those moments without losing or with the least damage as possible.

Black Pearl: My goal as a leader is to work for my members. The hardest part about this is keeping everyone happy while pressuring them towards the alliance goals.

Can you give us a brief history of your alliance, how old is it, how it was formed?

لورنس:  Our alliance Shield is known for its tough defense but this year we have another surprise for Russian, Dacia, and prime. In the past, we were known as ND Classic but in this finals ND split. Some of them joined prime and we joined the Uollas meta with a new name (shield).

Black Pearl: It’s pretty recent. The Dutch community has very strong players but it’s not easy to unite them under one banner. 

What measures can you suggest to help other alliance leaders keep members loyal and do not backstab you?

لورنس:  Every alliance leader must be honest with himself and fair enough with his alliance players. If you behave that way, it’s impossible to lose the players’ respect and loyalty. That’s base for me. The strongest your base is, the more structure you get with more cooperation and clear vision.

Black Pearl: I think it’s important for a leader to invest time and show dedication. This will give you a lot of respect.

Last question: what’s the one thing you are really bad at?

لورنس: I leak of patience and faults could drive me mad.

Black Pearl: I think for me it’s hard to give responsibilities to others. I like to do everything myself which is sometimes very demanding.

Thank you لورنس (shield) and Black Pearl (TDF/CS)! Stay tuned for more interviews!