Regions and Victory Points ~ Path To Pandora

Have you recently joined one of our Path to Pandora gameworlds? Since 2014, our Annual Specials take place on a map of Ancient Europe divided into 87 regions… but do you know exactly how this system works?

If you are a new player or if you have only played on WW (Wonder of the World) standard gameworlds and you would like to experiment something different, you have come to the right place!

Regions and Settling 101

The Ancient Europe Map is composed by 87 independent regions. Alliances that control these regions gain victory points and activate ancient powers called artifacts.

How can you take over a region?

First of all, the region needs to be unlocked. This happens once the top 5 biggest alliances in the region have at least 4,000 population altogether. The population of other alliances, players without an alliance, players on vacation or banned, as well as Natar villages are not taken into account.

Once the region is unlocked, it cannot be locked again, even if the population falls below 4,000.

It is only possible to settle new villages in regions that are unlocked or are neighboring unlocked regions. The only exception to this rule are a few regions in the center, where new players are spawned and where it is always possible to settle new villages.

If one of the alliances in an unlocked region manages to achieve over 50% of population in the region (only top 5 alliance villages in the region are counted), it will start taking control of the region. This takes 24 hours.

If they manage to hold the majority, they will control the region.

You can check the population of the region and the top 5 alliance shares in the Statistics > Region tab and in any Embassy located in the region. Keep in mind that the column “Regional population” in the statistics shows the population of the top 1 alliance in the region, not the total population in the region.

Ancient powers and victory points

All members of the alliance that controls a region can benefit from the ancient power of the region. To activate the ancient power, the player needs to have a Treasury at level 10 (for small, village-related powers) or 20 (for account-related powers).

You can activate the power in any village, it doesn’t have to be located in the same region as the power.

You can activate one power in each village, but only one of the powers can be used for the whole account.

Once activated, the power lasts for 24 hours. The power can be reactivated if the alliance still holds the region.

One activation is free each day; each additional activation costs 5 (for village powers) or 10 (for account powers) Gold.

When is the power deactivated?

There are several scenarios:

  • If you quit your alliance
  • If you lost the village where it was activated
  • If your alliance lost control of the region holding the power

Ancient powers are not the only benefit of controlling regions. If you want to win, your alliance needs to gather victory points.

Every day an alliance controls a region, it earns victory points.

The amount depends on the region:

  • Unique power – 10 points per day
  • Big power – 30 points per day
  • Small power – 50 points per day
  • No power – 100 or 200 (Delphi region only) points per day
Eventually, the alliance that gathers the most victory points at the end of the game, wins. 

Time to conquer some regions!