We are getting closer to the endgame…

The date when construction plans will be released comes closer and closer. The endgame is about to begin.

This year, since the limit for trade routes has been introduced, it will be harder to feed the high amount of defense in WWs like it used to be done for several years.

Discipline among players will be needed in order to send crop continually. Talking about that, I think Union has an advantage over Uollas. Russians have shown us many times how a well-performed action is done. Even if the lessons have been learned the hard way by other players, not everyone is able to reach the Russians’ level of knowledge about the game.

I also believe that Union has two more advantages. It will never be under discussion which WW shall be defended, but I wonder if that is the same case for Uollas… Plus they held the Unique Architect. You can read more about Union in my Corner.

A short teaser: next week we will check the areas around where the construction plans will arrive. Who will get the 13 available plans?

Strategic has created one of his awesome maps. Check out the difference between now and 3 weeks ago!