What’s the hottest zone according to our reporter Safiren?

The hottest zone in the Finals this year has been the NorthWest.

First, nPL (Poland, in brown on the map) was Uollas’ favorite target but once they got tired, HYPE (Russians, in blue) started to focus on them.

ANIMALS (Turkey, in red) has been HYPE’s target from the very beginning and despite the many hammers that crashed on their walls from the start, in the long term it turned to be a lost war, as well as for nPL.

Battles in January have been very intense, many villages have been zeroed or even conquered. The two last nPL’s offensive villages in the south part of their area changed owner in the last offensive hit from HYPE. In total HYPE has conquered 76 villages from nPL.

That area is important for the construction plans that will spawn on the 23rd of February, that’s why HYPE has now secured the strategic spot -35/4, which is exactly where one of those plans is supposed to appear.

Many ghost hammers are sneaking around the server, trying to find future WWKs, As usual, you can find reports in my Corner!

4th of January
26th of January