Our reporter Safiren is back with a double interview to two expert defenders. We are talking about akşehir (Animals)  and FiReMasT3R (SMURFS).

Hey there, so tell us a bit about yourself! Any fun facts?

akşehir: Hello, my name is Apo and I’m working in Afghanistan for an international organization but I would like to return to my homeland Turkey soon.

FiReMasT3R: I am 26 years old. I have been playing Travian for about 6 years with just a few breaks. My girlfriend isn’t very happy about that ? 

Would you say that there are people you’ve met from Travian that you could safely call friends outside of the game?

akşehir: I have met many people through Travian, but I haven’t had the chance to meet them in real life because of the country I live in.

FiReMasT3R: There are a few people from the game I spend time with, not just in the game.

Why do you like playing as a defender? What is it about this playstyle that you enjoy so much?

akşehir: In fact, I don’t like playing defense. Next time you will see me playing offense in the qualification rounds or finals. Playing defense is really a difficult task. There must be many villages.

FiReMasT3R: I think defense is the most interesting role for me. I like to see that my warriors can participate and help the alliance. 

What makes it hard to identify real attacks from fake waves? What strategies do you use to identify them?

akşehir: I can’t say that I do a lot of analysis. I produce really good defense military, but my partner Mustafa does the analysis. He is the most trusted person for me in the game.

FiReMasT3R: It’s always very hard to say if the attack is real or not. We need to go through all alliance experience, discuss and decide as fast as we can because usually, we don’t have much time. Then we choose to send defenders to those villages that represent the biggest threat.

Last question: if you could describe Travian: Legends with a song, which one would you choose?

akşehir: I always listen to this song when my village is destroyed: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

FiReMasT3R: I would choose Survivor – Eye of the tiger.

Thank you akşehir (Animals) and FiReMasT3R (SMURFS)! Stay tuned for more interviews!