If you visit our Forum regularly, I am sure you know we have an interesting contest running: the Ultimate Battle. Apart from giving you the chance of winning some precious Gold vouchers by solving mysterious riddles, it also features a curious story.

We asked a few questions to the mind behind those enigmatic riddles: Ameno (she doesn’t need an introduction by now, but just in case you don’t know her, you can read her interview here).

Hi Ameno! First of all, how did you come up with the concept of the Ultimate Battle?

The Ultimate Battle is not my first project that features riddles combined with a storytelling approach. You might remember the Hero Adventures series, a traditional contest dedicated to the Annual special server starts. Now that we are at it, spoiler alert! The tradition goes on this year. In March you can expect the return of our heroes in multiple days contest). The same idea also inspires the Ultimate Battle, but with a twist. It is a traditional monthly contest with a common theme and a new hero, but this time we will give only one riddle at a time.

We can deduce you are a big fan of riddles, is that so?

Absolutely. When I was a child, I found a book in our library which was called “The Lady or the Tiger?” by Raymond Smullyan. I thought it was some sort of fairy-tale, but I opened it and found out that in fact, it was a book full of logical puzzles. Nevertheless, since those small riddles were accompanied by short stories about ladies, tigers, kings, and knights I couldn’t stop reading it. It was amazing! That’s when I fell in love with riddles.

And it’s also safe to say that you are fascinated by ancient history, right?

Yes, this is also something from my childhood. I loved reading as a child and I was into all sorts of adventures, myths, tales etc. My love for ancient history started with cartoons about the twelve labors of Hercules, then I went on with stories about the traditions of ancient Rome. Writing stories based on the Travian universe that include logical puzzles is definitely a combination of 2 of my hobbies.

Can you give us a small spoiler of what’s coming up next?

Well, if you read the first story, I can assure you… our hero will open the door! And, yes, he will definitely find another riddle, but of course, I can’t tell you which one. One spoiler I can give you is that the stories and riddles at some point will be connected to what’s going on in the game, but I have said too much already. I am not going to spoil the entire thing 😉

To conclude, a word of advice for the players who want to solve the riddles!

Riddles will have a different level of difficulty. I would recommend to submit your answer even if you are not sure whether it is correct or not. Even though they are combined with the story, they are mostly logical or mathematical tasks and can be solved by simple equations. As for Travian-related tasks, most of them are based on something that can be easily found either in-game or in some tools like travian.kirilloid.ru or in Travian answers.

Thank you very much, Ameno! It’s time to visit our Forum and submit your answers!