If you watched our latest episode of Ask Travian (embedded below), you will know that this month’s main topic was the Grey Area. We illustrated some of the benefits of settling there, but we also warned you about those nasty Natars…

After asking around in the Travian Games HQ, we found a courageous volunteer willing to talk about her own experience in the Grey Area. I am talking about Liudmila (also known as Ameno), our Senior Community Manager.

Hi Ameno! Give us a bit of background story. Do you remember which server were you playing? What made you decide to settle in the Grey Area?

I don’t remember the exact server, but it was one of the first T4.4 versions (or when the grey area actually appeared?) Perhaps an Open Beta. I love mysteries, therefore that mystic place attracted me. Plus let’s not forget about the fact that it was the closest option to settle 15+ 150% for my future capital.

What do you think it is the biggest advantage of settling there?

First of all, the obvious one: 50% oases give a really nice boost to your resource production. However, there is another great advantage. Its central location is ideal for those who love sending catas to all directions. And I have always loved close-range battles.

Were you ready when the Natars started to attack you?

Well, like I said, since it was the very first server, there were no definite tactics yet, but they were developed rather quickly. I asked my ally members to help me with resources to build fields and crannies so that my village could survive. I still remember how we considered different options, but in the end, we decided not to waste defence troops in that stage and go with “building survival”.

In retrospective, was it worth to settle there?

Yes, definitely. Of course, at first, we suffered a bit due to the lack of culture points produced which slows your development. Generally, it’s harder to settle your 3rd and 4th village if you settle your 2nd in the Grey Area. But after 5th village, the difference is not that huge already. We settled the 3rd and 4th right on the border of the Grey Area to support our capital.

Last question: would you consider settling there once again?

Every server is different and on each server decisions like that are based on many factors. How close are my other alliance members? What will be my playing style – always on the edge, ready to attack and get attacked every moment or a more relaxed one? Where do my team members plan to build the World Wonder? The Grey Area has some great advantages and some disadvantages, so I personally would avoid settling there “just to be in the Grey Area”. This should always be a calculated decision. After all, Travian: Legends is a strategy game, and having a good strategy is the key to success.