Ask Travian #14 – The Artefacts (Part 1)

Are the Artefacts worth the effort? Did you know that the Natars have a wicked sense of humor? In this episode, we answer your questions about the Artefacts!

The Ultimate Battle ~ Behind the Riddles

If you visit our Forum regularly, I am sure you know we have an interesting contest running: the Ultimate Battle. Apart from giving you the chance of winning some precious Gold vouchers by solving mysterious riddles, it also… Read More

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 14: One week to end-game

There’s only one week left before the end-game phase starts, and I decided to have a look at the fourth quadrant. NorthWest is shared between Dacia (lilac), Turkey NW (red) and Germany (green). Turkey has more wings out in… Read More

Community Calendar ~ March 2019

Our Travian: Path To Pandora game worlds are back in March… with double the speed! Read more here! ? The Gold promotions will not be placed in the calendar, because they are decided last minute, so keep watching… Read More

Travian: Path To Pandora 2x Speed ~ Game world starts

Our Path To Pandora game worlds are back in March… with double the speed! More details will follow, so… stay tuned! ? In the meantime, revise the game mechanics here. And don’t forget about the balancing changes that… Read More

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 13: Construction Plans

As we saw last week, Hype managed to conquer the area where one of the construction plans will spawn through some intense war strategy. So how does the situation look like on the other spots where they are… Read More

Meet the Team: James & Ricardo, QA

Good friends both inside and outside the Travian Games office, meet James & Ricardo, two members of our QA Team!

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 12: Upcoming Construction Plans

We are getting closer to the endgame…

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ Interview akşehir (Animals) & FiReMasT3R (SMURFS)

Our reporter Safiren is back with a double interview to two expert defenders. We are talking about akşehir (Animals)  and FiReMasT3R (SMURFS).

Settling in the Grey Area ~ Interview to Ameno

If you watched our latest episode of Ask Travian (embedded below), you will know that this month’s main topic was the Grey Area. We illustrated some of the benefits of settling there, but we also warned you about… Read More