First entry of Safiren’s War Diaries of 2019. I repeat, first entry of Safiren’s War Diaries of 2019! Are you ready for the artefacts?!?

The artefacts have been released and the mid-game phase has officially begun. Rest assured that we will have a lot of epic battles to look forward to 😉

Artefacts will change hands, construction plans areas need to be conquered but… Will players be able to build up their WWs infrastructure in peace or will the battles start earlier this year?

Let’s have a look at the current distribution of the artefacts:

Uollas in North-East and Union in SouthWest were superior in their quads and you can easily tell by the number of artefacts taken. They also managed to steal artifacts from the North-West quad, which was weakened by the war between Dacia and Turkey. In South-East, Immortals was more successful than CUP.

The artefact release is a good starting point for predicting who are going to be the main contendents in the endgame.

Let’s start from Uollas and Union: 1300 VS 1100 accounts. They are equal in many ways: almost the same amount of players, a similar number of gained artifacts, they both have the advantage of controlling their quads. The war between them will definitely be exciting!

Immortals and CUP are also close when it comes to numbers (1050 VS 970), but due to the distribution of the artefacts, CUP is the weakest between the two metas. Prime, who is part of Immortals, played a good game in the last Finals, together with Poland. This year they have NB (China) as partners, who won the Germany qualification round. The Immortals meta will also play an interesting part in the endgame.

Traditionally no one has the strength to win two years in a row, except for the first years when Russians were always the winners. Dacia is the meta with the smallest chance this year. They still have 880 players but the broken agreement with Turkey (450 players) makes it difficult for them to play a bigger part in endgame.

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