Ready for Safiren’s War Diaries? Enjoy Week 11!

The battle is rolling through the valleys and over the mountains, ghost armies hide in the forests ready for surprise attacks. The server is as fun as expected!

This week it’s time for a closer look to the SouthEast quadrant, where two big metas are fighting each other.

Immortals is slightly bigger than CUP, 1000 accounts vs 900. Both metas are new constellations formed by contacts found in the qualifications.

Immortals conquered most artefacts and now has 10 small , 5 great and Unique Fool. CUP was less lucky and has 2 small, 2 great and Unique eyes.

Immortals has a tight grep around the World Wonder at 100/-100 and also a Great Architect. They will for sure take part in the endgame.

CUP took the World Wonder at 0/100 but they are surrounded by enemies. Maybe they should have taken a World Wonder in the Grey Zone. They would have had a better chance to defend it.

As usual I have a lot of interviews to share. I really appreciate that so many of you answer my questions!

The one that made me laugh was the shortest:

By misspiggi Im-PR–W

I'm just hanging on the wall
like Pinocchio on a clove.

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