It really feels like yesterday, but we got to Week 10! Let’s hear what Safiren has to say about these exciting times… 

I absolutely love maps – don’t you think they are great? I think it’s really important to see the whole picture and to visualize where your villages are, as well as those of your alliance and your enemies. They are usuful also to picture the distance and calculate how long time it will take to reach the desired target. Who knows, maybe you will find out that there is a tempting bounty close to your area.

I talked to my friend Strategic, who shares my love for maps. Week 10 is the perfect time to have a closer look since there are enough villages. Maps give you a great overview of how the metas are positioned.

I told him that I thought the German meta was too small to be even called a meta. They have only 100 accounts but they managed to rule quite a big area up in the North.

Uollas and Union are superior in their quads. One thing to notice is that Uollas went for a cross-quad operation against Union last Tuesday. When will Union hit back?

Dacia is ruling most of the North-Eastern quad. It seems like the Turkish meta has lost its engagement for this server.

Immortals and CUP are still fighting in SouthEast but they switched from being totally mixed in the beginning to having clear strongholds.

In the video, you can see the evolution of the metas in three stages.

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