Tournament Finals 2018 ~ Interview Monster Machine (H-M-B ©) & Canis Lupus (DT)

Our reporter Safiren is back with a double interview to two expert alliance leaders. We are talking about Monster Machine (H-M-B ©)  and Canis Lupus (DT).

Hey there, so tell us a bit about yourself? How many rounds of Travian have you played?

Monster Machine: My name is Abhishek. I come from the City Of Joy -Kolkata, in India. I have been playing Travian since 2010. I played so many rounds that I don’t remember every single one of them, but I did start playing TT servers from 2013.

Canis Lupus: Hey all! My in-game alias is Canis Lupus, from the alliance Danis Troublemakers (DT), and I am the Mascot ?. I am +40 and I am a Danish living in Sweden. I have a Master Degree in Marketing. I am self-employed and I work with online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I have been playing Travian on and off for 8 years. I started with Danish speedx3, moved to comx and lately to the Qualification and Finals.

What do you remember about your first ever round?

Monster Machine: My first ever round was In5 (Indian domain). We won that round. I learned a lot from everyone about Travian from that server.

Canis Lupus: I remember my neighbor and I was having some big fights while I was learning Travian’s quirks, what to do and not do. He later became a very good friend for a number of years.

What skills have you learned from Travian that have helped you in real life?

Monster Machine: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is the most valuable thing I learned in here 😛 

Canis Lupus: I’ve learned to be a better team player. No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate you are, your success as a leader/player depends on your ability to inspire a team and how well you work together toward a common goal. In Travian the beginning is making an alliance, keeping it together is progress and working together is a success.

What does your Alliance’s recruitment process look like? Do you have some special requirements?

Monster Machine: We are nearly all old friends and old ally mates, but we do still recruit. A new player must have a reference to join us.

Canis Lupus: We consider ourselves a very strong elite alliance and very independent (our stats are doing the talking). Yes – we have special requirements. We are a pretty closed group. Most of us have played together for years. We have an open democracy in DT which means if we take on new members, they have to go through a voting process where they either get a Yes/No from our players. Do we have new players for this final? Yes, we have some accounts – one of them was an enemy in the qualifications round, and Aussi player from Down Under. And most of the new players will probably stay around for the next qualifications and finals. We will never be a big alliance therefor DT is a bit demanding regarding the requirements. Teamplay is our motto. The strength of the DT is each individual member. The strength of each member is DT.

What has been the most memorable experience as an alliance leader?

Monster Machine: I am only looking forward to having some new memorable experiences, the previous ones are boring?

Canis Lupus: When I was self-promoted from being a mascot in DT to being an alliance leader for DT – but please keep it secret,  some of the players in DT still think I am only a mascot – ?

If you were a superhero, which superpower would you have?

Monster Machine: Superhero? Nah, superheroes are boring and underdogs in all movies. I would rather be THANOS with the gauntlet and 6 infinity stones.

Canis Lupus: I am a superhero – I become a superhero every night I place my head on my pillow and go to sleep. ?
If I was a real superhero my superpower would definitely be “time travel”. I live in a country where it’s cold and rains a lot – a quick trip for a swim in the Indian Ocean after work and a late night out in Las Vegas or one night in Bangkok would be great. Even a trip back to the real “red dead redemption” would be funny. I think I would be a great leader for a lawless gang of Cowboys.

Thank you Monster Machine (H-M-B ©) & Canis Lupus (DT)! Stay tuned for more interviews!

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