Happy 2019, everyone! While we are saying goodbye to a year full of great achievements (Path to Pandora, anyone?!), we would like to give you some spoilers about what’s coming up in 2019… and of course, it’s going to start with a BANG!

New Year’s Special 2019 ~ 5x Speed

In January some of our biggest domain will get 5X speed servers with 5 Tribes and the Wonder of the World. Yes, you have heard correctly. There will be no time to be gloomy and fall into those winter blues.

Those servers are fast and challenging but we know you love them. And maybe you will be able to fulfill your New Year’s resolution of winning a server, who knows!

You can find all the details about those servers here.

Travian: Path to Pandora ~ 2x Speed

And now let’s jump to March, another exciting month for the Legends community. Path to Pandora, our annual special from 2018 will come back with 2x speed servers.

Yes, same format with 5 Tribes and regions to conquer, but different speed.

Last year we tested a 3x speed version of our Annual special, but after hearing your feedback, we came to the conclusion that 2x is the way to go.

So, if you missed it in September, this is a great chance for you. And if you loved playing it back then, even better!

Legends on Tour 2019

For those of you who don’t know, for the first time this year we invited ten representatives from Travian communities around the world to our headquarters here in Munich. We worked with our guests to discuss several areas of the game’s development, brainstorm improvements, and overall hear the voice of our community.

We will soon release all the details, but we can already tell you that next year we will invite 8 representatives of the Legends community. Everyone who fulfills the specified requirements can submit his or her application, but the candidates will eventually be voted by the community.

Travian Tournament 2019

And of course, the Travian Tournament is coming back in 2019 with the Qualification rounds in June and the Finals in November.

As you saw this year, we reduced the number of wildcards. We did it because you guys told us that the Qualification rounds seemed useless, so… friendly advice: make sure you join those rounds to avoid the risk of not getting a spot in the Finals.

It’s getting more and more competitive every year and we cannot wait to experience those epic battles.

Annual Special 2019

And now to a top-secret topic: the 2019 Annual Special. We cannot reveal much about it because it is still work-in-progress, but we will do our best to steal some details from our game designer Jake and our product owner Brian as soon as possible. We can’t wait to see what they will come up with, as much as you do.

Other than those big events, as you can read here, we are constantly working on improving the game from a balancing point of view and from the art side.

Following up on this topic, we are going to introduce the new tribe-specific building style – the one you saw if you played Path to Pandora – on every server. To make things consistent, we are also creating tribe-specific Wonder of the Worlds. We have already seen some pretty amazing sketches!

The last spoiler we can give you is that we will keep combining smaller domains into much bigger and populated servers, which – as you guys pointed out – makes the game more competitive and fun to play.

We can already tell it’s going to be an exciting year. Are you ready to embark on this Travian journey with us?!?