Ask Travian #13 – The Grey Area

Have you ever dared to settle in the Grey Area? In the first 2019 episode of Ask Travian, we answer your questions about that mysterious Natars’ territory!

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ Interview Monster Machine (H-M-B ©) & Canis Lupus (DT)

Our reporter Safiren is back with a double interview to two expert alliance leaders. We are talking about Monster Machine (H-M-B ©)  and Canis Lupus (DT).

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 11: Artefacts?

Ready for Safiren’s War Diaries? Enjoy Week 11!

Community Calendar ~ February 2019

The Gold promotions will not be placed in the calendar, because they are decided last minute, so keep watching the Payment/Store Information section of our Forums for the updates about it. The speed gameworlds are usually planned when… Read More

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 10: Maps, Maps, Maps!

It really feels like yesterday, but we got to Week 10! Let’s hear what Safiren has to say about these exciting times…

Legends on Tour 2019 Summit

The “Legends on Tour” summit is coming back with a brand-new format. In this post, you can get all the information you need to apply and become a Legend yourself!

Travian Cooking Contest ~ Highlights

We thought your main strength was neat strategic skills, but you proved us wrong with some mind-blowing creations in our 2018 Travian Cooking Contest! Are you ready to indulge with some tasty Travian-related compositions? Let’s have a look at… Read More

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 9: The Artefacts

First entry of Safiren’s War Diaries of 2019. I repeat, first entry of Safiren’s War Diaries of 2019! Are you ready for the artefacts?!?

Happy New Year! ~ Our Plans for 2019

Happy 2019, everyone! While we are saying goodbye to a year full of great achievements (Path to Pandora, anyone?!), we would like to give you some spoilers about what’s coming up in 2019… and of course, it’s going… Read More