Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 5: Unique Artefacts?

Ready for your weekly dose of Safiren’s War Diaries? It’s Week 5 already and fights are getting more and more interesting!

One week closer to the spawn of artefacts… and the war for the unique artefact area continues. Right from the beginning, this server promised a lot of interesting battles and we have not been disappointed so far. And it’s not only a matter of fights between two metas. Often those fights involve alliances from three metas!

Uollas is still on the go against nPL (Dacia), who is in a three-sided war (Uollas, Union and Turkey). The rest of Dacia is far away and it can’t help much. You can read an interview with the diplomat in nPL, DEF IN PROGRESS, on my Corner.

Tables turned in NorthWest, now it is Dacia that sets a hard press on the Turkey meta. My contest that rewarded the alliance that could chief the biggest number of villages on the server by the 9th December saw Dacia NV as winners 😉 Animals got a lot of defense points this week. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Hype! and BAD are now very interested in their area, which most likely will get a unique artefact. The walls have been amazing so far!

I have not received many reports from the south-eastern quadrant this week but currently, there is still an ongoing war between the Union meta* (mainly BAD) against the Chinese and Germans. They are part of the International SE meta** at the SW-SE border. The Chinese have been pushed back a little bit without BAD receiving any attack operations from them. As for the mainland of the south-eastern quadran,t there is still a fierce war everywhere between CUP meta*** and International SE meta. There are currently 2,500 players in the south-eastern quadrant, which makes it the most populated and, with two metas fighting against each other, also the hardest quadrant to dominate. Stay tuned to see how this war evolves!

* Union meta represents the alliances Cerber – BG (bulgarians) – BAD (russians and international) – Winter – Hype – Union & F.Y.
**International SE meta that represent Chinese – Germans – Prime (mainly russians, but includes some polish players)
*** CUP meta represents Polish – Russians – Latins – Vietnam – French with other nationalities.

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