What happened on the Tournament battlefield this week? Let’s find out with Safiren!

What an amazing week we had! The players really enjoyed themselves with challenging battles in the hot zones. At the border between North-East and North-West, many fights occurred between Wallace/UollasL and nPL.

In the South-East CUP and the International meta (Prime, NB and friends) is tussling about the dominance in the quad. At the same time NB and Unique attacked BAD on the South-West border.

In the North-West the Turkish meta is showering their former companions Dacia with attacks day and night. We bet Dacia‘s alliance Smurfs had many sleepless nights lately. The border between South-West and North-West is also a busy battlefield with Mũfreze and Animals against WINter, BAD and Hype.

I believe that Frontoza from Animals is also suffering from some lack of sleep. He has been under heavy attacks for days. His 15c cropper is highly appealing, since it is located in the parameters for the unique artefacts. His wall was amazing though. Thousands of brave soldiers died against it in the offensive on Tuesday night.

You can find more reports on this week’s Corner. See you next week!