Tournament Finals 2018 ~ Interview LSDG (NB-朱雀) & PL_BOSSES (PRIME-W)

Did you think we forgot Safiren’s interviews this year? Of course not! Our reporter is back with a double interview to two expert offensive players. We are talking about LSDG from NB-朱雀 (Rank 1 attacker when interviewed) and PL_BOSSES in PRIME-W (Rank 6 attacker when interviewed).

Hey there, can you give the readers a glimpse of who you are behind the Travian player name?

LSDG: I don’t have an English name, therefore I am still LSDG. I’m from China and less than 30 years old.

PL_BOSSES: 5 people play on this account. Our team consists of:
Lord_Turek – Robert, 23 years old. He is studying computer science. He had the pleasure of taking part in Legends on Tour at the Travian Games HQ in Munich where, apart from participating in various workshops about the game, he drew groups for the World Cup qualifiers. He is a great player and my friend.
Met – She is Agnieszka and she like horses. She’s leading the foundation “Nasza Szkapa”, which helps sick horses and other hoofed animals. On the account, she cares about order and good atmosphere. 
Zborrek – Pioter, 21 years old. He is a student at the University of Technology of Wroclaw. He has always played on defensive accounts, where he made records in the amount of trained def. In the previous elimination rounds, he trained together with his co-player 3.1kk phalanx and they ranked in the top 5 of that server’s defenders. Now he is ‘trying’ his abilities in an off-account. He is Dwarf also.
Budek – Tomek, 34 years old. He is a spatial management engineer. He likes analysis. For several years he was the head of the alliance. Helpful and demanding for players. He likes challenges. He is passionate about mechanics.
And me – Spinifex. Like Robert, I am 23. I’m an Energetics Engineer. Travian for me is more than a hobby. I like the fact that the game is based on numbers – literally everything can be calculated and analyzed – I’m the master of Excel 😉

Have you been using this nickname from the very beginning?

LSDG: Yes. I have been using LSDG since the first international server in 2012. I remember the alliance called PFF won the match. Many of NB members including me and hugo234 also start touching travian before 2010.

PL_BOSSES: No. When I started playing – 11 years ago – my first nickname was Eragon104. This is the login which I have on the forum, but I quickly grew out of it, so I became Spinifex and that’s how most people know me – although I didn’t change the name on the forum, because I am attached to it.

What was your greatest success in Travian as an offensive player?

LSDG: Successfully raiding resources from other players, especially from Russians. Like in this case:

I am disappointed when I see players that don’t have a real ability of raiding, but they only raid on their own private sheep. It is meaningless and showing none of their ability.

PL_BOSSES:  For sure it is a ‘Dzikie Dziki’ account, where I played together with Robert and three other great players: Laeghin, Ziejek and Maks. We won the biggest number of off points in regular fights: 5,774,545. And we were really fighting, we were not just killing our own troops like you can often see on Finals server. We made the biggest Polish hammer: 672871 Clubswingers, 143456 Teutonic Knights, 47582 Rams, 1357 Catapults! We made a video with all the details:

Why do you like playing as off? What is it about this playstyle that you enjoy so much?

LSDG: Because I enjoy raiding other players’ villages and killing their troops. I always go for rank 1.

PL_BOSSES: On normal servers, it’s just fun. Playing on a good off account is not just boring clicking. Skills are also important and very often the ability to quickly analyze and make difficult decisions. You need to have a lot of knowledge about the game, without this you can often go wrong with planning. I play as an off account in the World Cup because you need experienced people on these accounts. There is no time for learning or playing – you have to go straight for your goals.

Did you ever starve your troops on purpose?

LSDG: Yes, of course.

PL_BOSSES: This question is very strange or poorly constructed. No one is starving his units, although sometimes it happens, everyone would definitely like to avoid it 😉
No, I don’t deliberately starve my units, but it happened to me in critical situations that my units starved to let others survive.

If you could teleport for one day, where would you go?

LSDG: Far from the Earth, deep in space. But first I must have the ability of coming back.

PL_BOSSES: To space – it could be the moon or Mars or just zone 0G, where I could go for a space walk and see everything (eg. Earth) from a different perspective… before the vacuum kills me 🙂

Thank you LSDG (NB-朱雀) & PL_BOSSES (PRIME-W)! Stay tuned for more interviews!