Balance Changes ~ January 1st 2019

There is no life without progress. There is no action without changes. There is no strategy without good balancing.

After collecting feedback from thousands of players, we came up with the following balance changes. The new values will be effective on all game worlds that start after January 1st, 2019.

Changes include some units and hero item adjustments, building effects, alliance bonuses, and general statistics. 


To make the units requirements and characteristics more balanced, we reduced carrying capacity of the Steppe Riders and increased research requirements for Resheph Chariots and Equites Caesaris.

Tribe Unit Changes
:rom09: Romans :rom06: Equites Caesaris Need Academy lvl 15 to research (instead of 5).
:egy09: Egyptians :egy06: Resheph Chariot Need Academy lvl 15 to research (instead of 5).
:hun09: Huns :hun04: Steppe Riders Carry capacity reduced from 115 to 75.


Fighting strength of the hero items has been adjusted to make it more balanced through the whole game round. We also increased CP production of the Tier 3 helmet and limited artwork usage to 1 every 24 hours.

Items Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Spawn day * 70 (instead of 75) 140 (instead of 165)
Fighting strength      
:item04: Weapons 250 (instead of 500) 1,000 4,000 (instead of 1,500)
:item03: Shields 250 (instead of 500) 1,000 4,000 (instead of 1,500)
:item02: Breast-plates 250 (instead of 500) 1,000 4,000 (instead of 1,500)
:item02: Segmented Armors: 125 (instead of 250) 500 2,000 (instead of 750)
Culture points **      
:item01: CP-Helmet 100 400 1,600 (instead of 800)
:item15: Artwork Cooldown 24 hours    

* The change will be implemented only on Classic (not Annual Special) version and is still subject to the server speed factor (base day/server speed).

** Helmets on x3 speed servers will give 50 / 200 / 800 CP respectively. Artwork cooldown on speed servers will be calculated similarly to bucket cooldown period: (24 hours / (RoundDown (Speed/3) + 1)

Resource Production:

We kept the Egyptian hero resource production, and at the same time increased it to all other tribes to make resource distribution fairer, especially on the early stage of the game. The table below shows how much of each resource/specific resource per hour will each hero produce per attribute point.

Tribe Before After
:egy09:Egyptians 12 / 40 12 / 40
:hun09: Huns 6 / 20 9 / 30
:rom09: Romans 6 / 20 9 / 30
:teu09: Teutons 6 / 20 9 / 30
:gau09: Gauls 6 / 20 9 / 30

Alliance bonuses:

In order to give more fair chances to smaller alliances, we increased Philosophy and Commerce alliance bonus effects and, at the same time, reduced the required resource donations.

Bonuses Before After
Philosophy bonus (CP production) 2% per level 4% per level
Commerce bonus (Merchant capacity) 20% per level 30% per level
Required donations    
Lvl 1 2,400,000 1,200,000
Lvl 2 19,200,000 5,600,000
Lvl 3 38,400,000 17,100,000
Lvl 4 76,800,000 51,200,000
Lvl 5 153,600,000 153,600,000


It will be possible for Teutons to build the brewery up to level 20, and therefore to increase their power by 20%. These changes will also affect base costs and building times for brewery.

New building costs: Brewery lvl 1 Brewery lvl 20
:lumber: Lumber 3,210 191,215
:clay: Clay 2,050 122,115
:iron: Iron 2,750 163,810
:crop: Crop 3,830 228,145

Trade office:

The Trade office will give a 20% carrying capacity on all servers instead of 10% per level (was only an Annual Special feature before).

Tournament square:

The Tournament square level will give a 20% speed increase on classic servers instead of 10% per level (was only an Annual Special feature before).

Other changes:

We’re excited to introduce new statistics that will help you to get a better overview of the game:

  • World progression – with some insights about the game world including the server day, accounts activated on the game world, and tribe distribution
  • Resource rank – with raid, trade and production details in comparison to your own alliance and the entire game world
  • Village strength rank – both for defense and attack in comparison to your own alliance and to the entire game world
  • Culture point rank – per day and in comparison to your own alliance and to the entire game world

Now it’s time to do your best on the battlefield! 

Or watch our game designer Jake talk about balancing…

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