Ask Travian #12 – Plans for 2019

What’s gonna happen in 2019? Find out in the last episode of Ask Travian (for this year!)

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ Interview LSDG (NB-朱雀) & PL_BOSSES (PRIME-W)

Did you think we forgot Safiren’s interviews this year? Of course not! Our reporter is back with a double interview to two expert offensive players. We are talking about LSDG from NB-朱雀 (Rank 1 attacker when interviewed) and PL_BOSSES in PRIME-W (Rank 6… Read More

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 6: Some Thoughts

The other day I was wondering: what is the Tournament Finals after all? Someone says they are frightfully dull and boring, others consider it full of actions and absolutely wonderful. Those opposite opinions are exactly the essence of the Finals. I… Read More

New Year’s Special 2019 ~ Server Start Calendar

Community Calendar – January 2019

And it’s already time for 2019! Are you ready for January!?! Check out this article to know more about the New Year’s Special! The Gold promotions will not be placed in the calendar, because they are decided last… Read More

Meet the Team: Fabian, Product Manager

Curious to know what’s happening behind the scenes of Travian: Legends? He is a passionate gamer and unintentionally… a meme star! Meet Fabian, our Product Manager!

Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 5: Unique Artefacts?

Ready for your weekly dose of Safiren’s War Diaries? It’s Week 5 already and fights are getting more and more interesting!

New Year’s Special 2019 ~ 5x Speed

The northern winds blew harder than ever from the icy peaks surrounding the Travian valley. This meant – for the second time since last year – that an extremely cold winter had once again arrived. The heavy snowstorm… Read More

Balance Changes ~ January 1st 2019

There is no life without progress. There is no action without changes. There is no strategy without good balancing. After collecting feedback from thousands of players, we came up with the following balance changes. The new values will be effective… Read More

Tournament Finals 2018 – War Diaries Week 4: Busy Battlefield

What happened on the Tournament battlefield this week? Let’s find out with Safiren!