Tournament Finals 2018 – War Diaries Week 3: Chiefing the First Village

Our official reporter Safiren finds out the identity of the skillful player who managed to chief the first village… Aren’t you curious?

On Tuesday night my Corner crew and I were discussing the next contest and one of the proposals was “when and who will be the first to chief a village”. We thought it was the right time for that since we are around the 5th village.

Next morning, when I woke up, I had a message. It was cristyy&dany from Dacia K wondering if they were the first to chief a village. I took the opportunity to get an interview.

Safiren: You had the first chief but you had to run several times? I saw he rebuilt the Residence.

Cristi: Yes. First chief and the village was right next to me. I had to attack 6 times. I guess he logged in before attack number 5 landed. I managed to spot that because I was constantly spying on him to see if he was going to use any of the resources. Approximately 3 minutes before attack number 5 landed I saw that he consumed some resources. I calculated how much he produced in an hour, how much he would have produced between the last two spy sessions and concluded that he was starting to build a residence.

Safiren: He didn’t have any troops at all?
Cristi: He had some, but I cleaned them beforehand. He played offense at the beginning. He attacked me 2-3 times and he also attacked two of our deffers jarco and adipiciu. He lost his troops almost always. I managed to snipe his returning troops a couple of times as well. I thought that with him gone, our life could be easier and that’s why I pushed towards this strategy. It slowed me down a bit but it allowed the other defensive players to play with no immediate opposition.

Safiren: You were lucky and had a 15c close to your spawn?
Cristi: Yes, 2 squares away I had a 15c 75%. I was a little slow with making the 2nd village because farming didn’t go that well. I had a top 10 farmer rather close.

Safiren: I guess it was a nerve-wracking time waiting for your settlers.
Cristi: A little bit… the last day before settling I traveled to London and I wasn’t really able to log in that much. My co-player had internet troubled and could not log in almost all day on Sunday, so I was a little bit stressed about that.

Safiren: So what are your plans now with 3 good villages?
Cristi: I need to build up my resources and crop fields so that I can focus on the army.

Safiren: How about your 20×20, do you have many enemies or is it a friendly area?
Cristi: Well, there are still some Turks that will need to be removed, but mostly there are no more troops. It is full of crannies now. It looks rather good at the moment. Hopefully, we will have a good server but with the war going on with the Turks it will be harder for the WW. Gabi from Katarina (first to second village) and I study in the same school (good study place for Travian players I guess 🙂 )

Safiren: Tell us something about yourself outside the Travian world.
Cristi: My name is Cristi, I am a 28-year-old guy. This is my third Tournament Final. My first server was the first Romanian Travian server, I think in 2005 or 2006 … a long time ago. I am a Product Owner at an IT firm, I live in Romania, Cluj-Napoca with my wife and a 4 year old boy. When I’m not playing, I enjoy watching movies, football, playing with my kid.

Safiren: If you had to choose between being a cat or a dog in the next life, which one would you choose and why?
Cristi: I am more of a dog person, so I guess a dog…