Tournament Finals 2018 ~ Prizes and Important Dates

Are you ready for the fight of a lifetime? Unbelievable prizes are up for grabs, but only the best will make it.

Players from more than 20 nations around the globe proved their skills on our qualification servers during the last months. You forged strong alliances, fought grim battles and built legendary empires to succeed on the road to the Finals 2018. So, first of all, congratulations to all the qualifying players!

If the fortune of war was not on your side this time, here is your chance to join the Finals! Just leave your email address on our Tournament website and take part in our wild card prize draw. The Wildcard Raffle ends on November 12th, 2018.

Once all qualified players have received their registration codes for the Finals, we will also fill up all remaining free slots with players who participated in our Wildcard raffle.

The Travian Tournament Finals 2018 is not just an ordinary Travian server. You will have the chance to meet the best players of Travian on a 2x speed server. We are sure you are going to make new friends (and enemies…), learn new tactics, build strong confederacies and wage tremendous wars.

But you are not only going to fight for glory. There are three tiers of prizes. Reserved for the top players, a tablet valued at around €800 is up for grabs! Players who come into the second tier will be awarded a smartphone valued at €600. Lastly, Vouchers for 1,600 Travian Gold worth around €50 will be the prize for those who fall into the third tier. For more information, check out our Tournament website here.

Don’t miss out on the action and follow our official reporter, Safiren- our eyes and ears on the battleground. She will keep us up to date with interesting and insightful news throughout the tournament. Expect details regarding major wins, defeats, new allegiances, betrayals and more.

The Tournament Finals will start on November the 15th at 14:00 (UTC+1).

Several months of fierce fighting lies before you. Will you be able to prove dominance against the best players from all over the world?

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