It’s week two of the Tournament Finals 2018 and Safiren has just delivered a new War Diary from the battlefield. Read below for her update on the recent happenings of this year’s epic and action-packed finals! It’s only the beginning…

Tournament Finals has started and it really looks as it can be an exciting round! Overall the pre-start organization has been thoroughly implemented. I can guess that a lot of talks went down between the qualification servers because every meta contains several nationalities and some of them are unexpected.

First, it looked as we were going to have 5 metas, but on Tuesday, 5 days after the finals started, the meta in NW broke down in a quarrel about who shall be holding the primary WW – if I am right.

I have a Corner crew helping me gather information and for the moment we are working with first maps, maybe we will have them ready by the time you are reading this, if so they will be published in my Corner. I’m so curious how big the numbers will be in the metas!

It will take a while to get this completed, I can’t mention all alliances but if we start with NorthEast we have a coalition with SPQR, Uollas, COF, G&V, CS, NewOrder and TFD. The quadrant is secured from the beginning and they look forward to fighting against the NE/NW border.

SouthEast contains 2 metas. One is Prime, NB, Arab-WW, Unique and CheckerB. The other one is unexpected: they call themselves CUP and includes Portugal, Brazil, X3 and Vietnam – to only naming a few domains.

The war has truly began, the first cropper has been zeroed by CUP.

SouthWest is homogenous, the quad is under control by BAD, Cerber, WINter. Hype!, HMB and Ghetto. I found a couple of smaller alliances that will have a hard time surviving. The war has already begun there too. The quad is invaded from SouthEast. So many players are trying to take croppers in the Russian area.

NorthWest should have be a united sector but now it is Turkey, Animals, Ottomans, Süvari against Dacia, nTPl, Smurfs and 777. As in SE, here it will be a three sided war.

We can look forward to a lot of reports and thrilling wars during the round!