It’s official. The Qualification Rounds of our 2018 Tournament are over! Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated! Great job, fellow warriors!

Now it’s the right time to look back and analyze those great fights that made the Qualification Rounds so special and engaging. Of course, our official Travian reporter Safiren is the right person to do that, so enjoy the read and don’t forget to head over to her Corner to further discuss the topic!

These qualification rounds have been entertaining in many ways. Those highly anticipated scenarios did not happen in the end and it’s really the unexpected that entertained the players the most. Let’s take a closer look at what happened on the different servers. The last statistics were posted in my Corner.


The server has been a bit different in comparison to the last years mainly because those big alliances such as Dacia and CS had been invited to other qualification servers. That’s why the International server has been weaker than usual. The dominating metas have been Ghetto in SouthEast, VN in NorthEast and P.T in SouthWest. In NorthWest, the Bulgarian/D.A.D confederation decided from almost the beginning that they couldn’t hold a WW seriously.

Ghetto, together with Greeks and Russians, has been the most active meta and deserves the victory. The leader, Toumiopäivä, is young and arrogant with his motto “I am better than you”, but he gets things done. It’s fun to see new young leaders and it’s only his second Tournament. He is making really good progress.

VN is a meta with many internal contrasts. There are a lot of ego players that only play to get the rewards, players that can build big hammers and weak players that are easy farms and don’t build enough defensive troops. In this server, they lacked an offensive coordinator for sure. Coordinated attacks were so rare that they hardly existed. But they were good at diplomacy 🙂

P.T played on the Qualifications for the first time in several years. A good first try, but they should use more time to practice war and defense in preparation for the Finals. They also counted too much on their Unique Architect.

Now to some numbers:

ElectaBuzz1 Μ-Λ had the biggest account, 55 villages and population 68.401.
Shmel ХЗ BLACK was the strongest attacker, 4.130.263 points.
TORMENTOR VN2 got most def points, 3.202.358.
Los Padres Ghetto built the biggest village, 1468 inhabitants.
Shmel had most levels on his hero, 441. 4.894.031 experience.

Μ-Λ was the biggest alliance, 60 players and 1.026.621 population.
ХЗ BLACK attacked the most, 9.883.686 points.
VN2 defended the most, 11.799.550 points.


It’s evident that Russian alliances prefer to fight with other Russians. BAD and Cerber have a long experience of winning the Qualifications. They are many and the other metas have a hard time to engage enough players to be a real opponent. Many hammers hit WINter’s WW.

This time though the invited domains, Baltics and Hungary, had a better coordination and finished the server with the best performance so far for nonrussians. Especially the Lithuanian alliance SMURFS was very active hunting artefacts.

Some numbers:

Chip&Dale CerberR had the biggest account, 51 villages and population 66.666.
BadHamster ИЗГОИ was the strongest attacker this qualification, 5.005.005 points.
Бешенный_ГАЛ MAFIA got most def points, 3.642.965.
Prog CerbeR-Y built the biggest village, 1499 inhabitants.
BadHamster had most levels on his hero, 429. 4.630.426 experience

WINter was the biggest alliance, 57 players and 876.339 population.
WINter attacked the most, 13.857.674 points.
SMURFS defended the most, 13.236.383 points.


As always, Germany was a real mix of players from all over the world. Many chose this server as the easiest to qualify on and didn’t put so much effort into the game. But there were exceptions. NB used the server to practice building hammers and building the World Wonder… and won.

NewOrder was the dominating alliance. It is formed by only 60 players but it dominated its quad and rank 1st on the top lists almost every week.

Some numbers:

蒙奇D路飛 殺戮 Luffy had the biggest account, 54 villages and population 74.405.
orion981 SPQR was the strongest attacker, 3.952.902 points.
TORMENTOR CP&G&V性别 got most def points, 1.991.974.
Closer NB+G&V built the biggest village, 1509 inhabitants.
orion981 had most levels on his hero, 374. 3.514.928 experience.

NewOrder was the biggest alliance this qualification, 60 players and 1.041.967 population.
NewOrder attacked the most, 12.236.681 points.
NewOrder defended the most, 15.001.621 points.


On this server as well, the invited domains had an unusually successful round. Bier and CS were on the top ranks every week and their WW was only hours after The Cof that won. For a while, I wondered what happened to “my” Turks making such a weak performance. I’m so used to their fighting spirit.

We all are very curious if Turkey has been able to mend the difficulties from last Final. If they are able to cooperate they will be a force to count on with the next Finals.

Neo Star COF MY™ had the biggest account, 54 villages and population 71.876.
YAŞAYAN ÖLÜ TD ® WOW was the strongest attacker, 1.672.928 points.
antonina THE COF got most def points this qualification, 5.070.470.
CeX COF GF built the biggest village on this qualification, 1710 inhabitants.
TIRSIN ULAN had most levels on his hero, 431. 4.655.566 experience

COF MY™ was the biggest alliance, 60 players and 9.747.73 population.
CS-00 attacked the most, 7.049.554 points.
CS-00 defended the most, 15.027.777 points.



France also had a mix of alliances that only played for tickets to the Finals and those who played more serious. And we are talking mostly about European alliances and a couple from South America. I hoped on a war between Dacia and Poland for the victory but it didn’t happen. Dacia was satisfied making war with their neighbors FL (who really seems to have enjoyed the game) and didn’t care about the endgame.

Poland built to level 100 in solitary majesty and complained about the lack of resistance.

Skromny PL 1 had the biggest account, 57 villages and population 58.278.
damaconn Dacia™ was the strongest attacker, 2.012.022 points.
Łowcy Fejmu PL A 1 got most def points, 4.623.891.
CUCURULL FL-LATX built the biggest village, 1627 inhabitants.
GeMini had most levels on his hero, 445. 4.972.210 experience.

Wtf-fr was the biggest alliance, 60 players and 856.741 population.
Dacia™ attacked most, 11.337.438 points.
777 defended most this qualification, 17.187.964 points.


Not much to say about this server. The Arabs themselves say that no one takes the qualifications seriously and it isn’t popular among the players. One big meta always covering the whole map doesn’t help to develop their play style. A too easy server doesn’t make them prepared for the harder game in Finals.

PoWeR-FuLL LR-P had the biggest account this qualification, 67 villages and population 80.007.
Wise ™W.W was the strongest attacker, 3.998.502 points.
AL3GeeD LR-CA got most def points, 3.695.926.
بطران LR-CA built the biggest village, 1473 inhabitants.
AL3GeeD had most levels on his hero this qualification, 493. 6.093.059 experience.

LR-CA was the biggest alliance, 59 players and 995377 population.
LR-P attacked most this qualification, 15.561.381 points.
LR-CA defended most, 11.693.930 points.

I want to says thanks to those that let me in so I could check statistics on the different servers and those who gave me access to their ally chats. You made my work so much easier 😀

Thank you very much, Safiren! And stay tuned for an episode of Ask Travian dedicated to the Tournament”