Happy Halloween!

Witches are gathering at their traditional coven, recklessly flying on their broomsticks even in a daylight. The dead arise from the graveyards in distant lands and we all know what that means… it’s Halloween! As we did in… Read More

Meet the Team: Nikola, Community Manager

Welcome to another edition of Meet the Team! In this edition, we meet Nikola, our Community Manager and CSR for Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia. Guess what? He has been playing Travian: Legends for over 10 years!… Read More

Ask Travian #10 – Tournament 2018

In this episode of Ask Travian, we will answer all your questions about the 2018 Tournament! How do we select the countries which are included in the group servers? How do we decide which country gets a dedicated… Read More

Safiren’s War Diaries: Qualifications Endgame Analysis 2018

It’s official. The Qualification Rounds of our 2018 Tournament are over! Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated! Great job, fellow warriors! Now it’s the right time to look back and analyze those great fights that… Read More

The Tribes ~ Travian: Path to Pandora

Are you not 100% sure which Tribe you want to choose in our 2018 Annual Special? Gauls, Romans, Egyptians, Huns or Teutons? Oh boy, such a hard decision! We got your back! These 5 videos will definitely help… Read More