Summer Postcard Event

If you are a member of our forums or you follow us on social media, you might have stumbled upon an exciting contest we organized in August: the Summer Postcard Event

Have you missed it? Don’t panic, it’s still on. But for those of you who have no idea of what we are talking about, let’s recap first.

Writing postcards may seem like an old-fashioned choice nowadays, but writing an e-mail or a text doesn’t have the same intimacy and power as picking up a pen and committing words to paper. We read your comments daily on our platforms, but why not going back in time and have a tangible souvenir of your support?

That is why we asked you to send us a postcard connected to Travian: Legends (a palace, a residence, a castle, a grain mill, etc. ) from your holiday destination or your hometown. And of course, there is a prize. Every participant will receive 100 Gold.

As usual, you jumped on the bandwagon and it didn’t take long before we received the first postcards. We got some from Russia, Romania, Lithuania, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Ukraine… basically everywhere in the world!

Have a look at this map:

Some of you sent us the traditional ones, those sold by newsagents, street vendors and souvenir shops, others created them online… and we ended up with some funny selfies!

We really enjoyed the messages you wrote and some were also very informative. We learned about the Gyeongbokgung Palace in South Korea or the University of Chernivtsi in Ukraine.

We can’t wait to hang them in the Travian: Legends office, so keep them coming!postcard Shu

Send your postcards to:

Travian: Legends
c/o Travian Games GmbH
Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Straße 22
80807 München

And don’t forget to write your forum account name and your domain in your postcard, so that we can assign you the prize!

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