It’s that time of the year again!

The Qualification Rounds for our 2018 Tournament are nearly over and the endgame has finally started. What does it mean? Of course, exciting times ahead!

Just in time for this crucial moment, our official Travian reporter Safiren is back with a detailed analysis of the international construction plans. Enjoy the read and don’t forget to head over to her Corner on our forums to further discuss the topic!


The Endgame has started and it was a thrilling story on International! Vietnam was ready for it and five construction plans were fast conquered. Ghetto (international team) was a bit slower but ended up with five plans too. For a long while, it looked as P.T (Iran) wouldn’t be able to conquer a single one but, late in the evening, they at last had two. D.A.D (international team cooperating with Bulgaria) in NorthWest got a single one.

I made a prediction about the outcome on all servers and it will be exciting to see if I was right or wrong.

On international, Ghetto is the favored. Their meta has been the most active this round and Tuomiopäivä is leading at the time I’m writing this. Student from R@K, also a part of Ghetto, was first outbuilding on the World Wonder but was taken down during the weekend.

You can find reports and WW-stats here.

I contacted the leaders and asked them to give their view.

Tuomiopäivä – Ghetto

It is not about who has the most World Wonder Hammers (WWKs), it is about who is being hit the least.

Of course, the amount of WWKs is one of the things that matter but I think P.T. and Bulgaria are strong because they haven’t done anything on this server and no-one is against them.
They don’t have as much def as Vietnam or us. They don’t have as many WWKs as Vietnam. We do but also no-one is really considering to hit them, as Vietnam is surely focusing on us and vice versa.

It would have been a nicer server if other METAs wouldn’t have been so scared to attack us. Now we have a full server of bored def players who haven’t done anything in this server. At least we tried to wake you guys up with our attacks but no, you were not brave enough to attack back.

Parsa Swift CatChMe-TeaM P.T

Safiren: So what are your thoughts about endgame? Who has the best chances?

Parsa: Well, Ghetto has the biggest chance. After them, we do.

“Ghetto believes they are the only ones that are really active” – Safiren, Friday at 8:40 PM

Parsa: That’s true 😀 As I said Ghetto has the best chance to win because they ditch everyone. They show us no honor about the pact we had in the artefact times. It was supposed to be that no one could take the artefact from each other quad. We did our part but they didn’t. And they did the same with the others.

Vietnamese were the only one who stayed true to their words. Despite their playstyle, they are very honorable in deals and etc. which I like.

D.A.D and Bulgarians didn’t play as intensively this round. We consider them as friends since we had no argument with them.

bharat – Fat&Hungry WEA-PT

Safiren: Hi 🙂 May I have an opinion about how the endgame will go? It was a thrilling day yesterday but you got 2 plans in the end.

bharat: Yes, we made some wrong choices as to where to send and we got the last 2 plans left. We had sent on 3 more but missed them.

Safiren: They were too far away?

bharat: No, one was near and one was in the border. But our planning was bad. And I think there will be a good fight to finish the server. All 4 quads have a superior alliance and going for their own WW.
VN and Ghetto will surely fight and DAD will have a hard time stealing the 2nd plan. I think our team will have to play clever to win.

Since we have no enemies, I just want to wish all the best to all the teams for the end game. May the deserving win the server.

dolongdao – Vietnam

Ghetto has the biggest chances. However, Vietnam will help P.T win.

We respect all opponents. This is the game, the competition and respecting people will help you mature.

Darkorpse – D.A.D

The End game has been a bit of an interesting discussion on the qualifiers. I have to say this is the first server that I’ve seen more than 3-4 WWs captured let alone building!! Obviously Ghetto has a big lead early on but that puts a huge target on their back; VN having 5 construction plans gives them a big advantage (but their WWs aren’t all in one wing which could be trouble).

Honestly, I expect VN or PT to pull off the victory but that doesn’t mean we won’t try!! Playing from “the underdog” position can be quite fun; winning from it is just icing on the cake if/when it happens!

Our alliance isn’t the strongest but we have good friends all over the server (except for one quad) at this point and hope to be able to continue working together. Our big challenge is going to be getting a second construction plan since we had some bad luck at release! If we manage that, we’ll be pushing for 100 with everyone else!

As far as what I would say to our opponents: I hope they’ve enjoyed the server so far and that the end game remains an interesting competition.

Who’s gonna be the winner?!?