Play For Fun: In Front of the Scenes ~ Our COM29 Adventure

Exciting, full of drama, gains, and losses… what am I talking about? But, of course, COM29!

Now that the server is over, it’s time to sit by the fire with a glass of wine and take a trip down memory lane along with some Travian veterans. Oh, those good old days and most glorious battles… 

Let me recap how it all started.

It was right after the New Year’s Special Event was launched. Our colleagues at Travian Games were discussing first impressions and suddenly we got an idea.

Why not testing the new tribes and play all together in a newly started server?

It was time to act. We sent out a “Call to arms” e-mail to the entire company and we were really happy – and, let’s face it, also a bit surprised – to get so many excited replies. And those were not only coming from the Travian: Legends’ Team but from many others members of Travian Games. We got replies from accountants, HR, analysts, developers, artists and employees working on different projects. Everyone wanted to give it a go. 

Behind that excitement, there were also many concerns, questions and a bit of uncertainty, especially from those people who never played the game before. Travian: Legends does have the reputation for not being the easiest game.

How is it going to be? What if I fail? How are players going to react when they find out? What should we do in this or that situation? Shall we interact with other players or would it be better to keep the group as close as possible?

Yes, we had a lot of questions and almost no answers, but we were determined to find out.

In hindsight, after 9 months of intense fighting, we can confirm that it was really an exciting adventure and we have zero regrets!

But how was it, then?

Alliance Overview

Just like any other regular alliances on the server, PFF (Play For Fun) was a big mixture. We had some experienced players and some newbies, who were playing the game for the very first time and didn’t know what to expect.

What should I build? I’ve trained a settler, but why can I not settle in a new village? WHY?! 

I didn’t touch anything but my troops are going somewhere… what should I do now?

Some tigers and crocodiles are coming to my village. Are they going to eat my people?

OMG, I am under attack. WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!

These are just some examples taken from our chat, which definitely created a lot of extra “work” for more experienced colleagues, but also a good amount of giggles. We had to explain the basics to everyone, sort out crisis situations and write development plans.

Step by step, our alliance explored bigger worlds of players – and players explored our alliance.

There were constant attacks and defenses, lost and conquered Artefacts… There were times when we almost believed that the game was over for us, but the next day some new reports came in that again filled us with enthusiasm. There were sleepless nights and exhausting days, and sometimes we asked ourselves…

Was it worth the effort?

Spoiler alert: the answer is YES, of course. For the entire course of the game round, we collected a lot of first-hand feedback about different parts of the game. We analyzed and monitored which aspects of the game could be a blocker for new and experienced players; when and why they could lose interest and how we can fix that eventually.

A huge amount of data was collected.

That feedback also found its way to our Facebook page and Blog posts. We used it to create more content and to dig even deeper. But this is only a small part of what made this round so special for us.

Our biggest achievement lies elsewhere, far away from our desks in the office.

We made new friends. We got to know each other better. We created bonds that will last way longer than just one round.

I hope you enjoyed your adventure on COM29 as much as we did!

Until next time!

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