It’s no secret that the Travian community is full of passionate players who LOVE numbers. They live and breathe stats and some of them decided to go the extra mile and created some tools to make the average player’s life much easier.

Let’s have a look at the most used 3rd party tools created by our awesome community! And yes, these are perfectly legal, don’t worry.

Getter Tools 2.0 (

As you read on the website, Getter Tools is “the biggest and most modern collection of tools for Travian”. There are numerous useful tools on the site that will help you in different aspects of the game. From Top10s for each server to calculators that will allow you to determine the arrival times of your opponents’ troops and your owns.  There is a Culture Point calculator, a Technology calculator, and tools to track inactive players down. 

Probably the most used feature by alliances is the troop tool. This tool enables players to easily upload their account and troop information, which means that leaders are able to quickly see who has the most troops and plan offensive maneuvers accordingly.

Kirilloid (

Another collection of tools praised by the Travian community is definitely kirilloid. Quoting a hardcore player on our forums, this is the “Bible for every Travian player”.

You could spend hours browsing through the calculators provided by this website. To name a few, you have the Offense Calculator, the Resource Development calculator, and last but not least, a very useful Combat Simulator.


Are you using any of these tools?