3 Questions with Mel, Concept Artist ~ New Buildings in Path to Pandora

If you already registered your account on one of our Travian: Path to Pandora servers or if you played our Closed Beta in August, you might have noticed something different in your villages. 

Egyptians’ Main Building

Yes, you got it right. Every tribe has its own specific art for the buildings. 

Why did we do that? We wanted to capture the individual flair of those ancient civilizations. And they certainly did not look the same.

If you read about the new game mechanics, you will know that despite only being allowed to play one account per round, you will still be able to see all this amazing new artwork. Our Game Designers have decided to change the basic mechanics of conquering and make things more interesting. When you conquer another tribe’s village in Path to Pandora, the village will not change tribe type, except for the Natars. 

But let’s hear more about these buildings from Mel, our Concept Artist. 

What was your major inspiration for the new style?

I would not say the word “inspiration” in this context. The whole new style is a combination of what our Game Director, Ecki, and Product Manager, Brian visioned.

We had to find a balance between “it has to look more serious and adult” and “could we keep it cartoony?”. That’s exactly what we did. We found a way to keep it cartoony while mixing it with realistic painting. As you can imagine, it was a lot of fun!

What was your favorite building to work on? What about the most challenging?

Teutons’ Warehouse

My favorite building is definitely the main building for the Egyptians. Shall I even say why? Finally a PYRAMID

And regarding the most challenging building, I would just go for the most challenging tribe. The Teutons! It was really hard to find the right wooden colors for those buildings.

The feedback we always got was: “More contrast! More contrast!”. Let me tell you, that’s not easy.

Now, give us a bit of behind-the-scenes. Any Easter eggs?

It’s not really an Easter Egg, but we did play rock-paper-scissors to choose those Teutons’ final buildings. Once again, that wood has been a nightmare!

Thank you, Mal! We will definitely google different shades of wooden colors.

Do you want to know more about this major visual overhaul?

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