Safiren’s War Diaries: International Construction Plans 2018

It’s that time of the year again! The Qualification Rounds for our 2018 Tournament are nearly over and the endgame has finally started. What does it mean? Of course, exciting times ahead! Just in time for this crucial… Read More

Play For Fun: In Front of the Scenes ~ Our COM29 Adventure

Exciting, full of drama, gains, and losses… what am I talking about? But, of course, COM29! Now that the server is over, it’s time to sit by the fire with a glass of wine and take a trip… Read More

Top 3 Useful Tools to Make Your Travian Life Easier

It’s no secret that the Travian community is full of passionate players who LOVE numbers. They live and breathe stats and some of them decided to go the extra mile and created some tools to make the average… Read More

Ask Travian #9 – Happy Birthday!

In this episode of Ask Travian, we are celebrating Travian’s 14th Birthday by talking about the history of the game!

3 Questions with Mel, Concept Artist ~ New Buildings in Path to Pandora

If you already registered your account on one of our Travian: Path to Pandora servers or if you played our Closed Beta in August, you might have noticed something different in your villages.  Yes, you got it right. Every… Read More

14th birthday

Happy 14th Birthday!

We are celebrating these memorable 14 years together with the launch of our Annual Special, Travian: Path to Pandora! Are you ready for a new adventure? Our first servers are open already! Check out the dates here!

Behind the Scenes ~ Travian: Path to Pandora

Are you curious to know what happened behind the scenes of Travian: Path to Pandora? Our Team walks you through the creation of this year’s Annual Special in this interesting short video! Check it out and tell us… Read More

Travian: Path to Pandora ~ Trailer

Brave the chaos and solve the secret of the Path To Pandora! Are you ready for a brand new Annual Special?  We’ve created an awesome trailer for you! Get your troops ready… and check your server start!

Summer Postcard Event

If you are a member of our forums or you follow us on social media, you might have stumbled upon an exciting contest we organized in August: the Summer Postcard Event.  Have you missed it? Don’t panic, it’s… Read More