If you are playing Travian: Legends, you might have stumbled upon the words “Travian Plus” or “Plus Membership” right from the beginning. Maybe you saw that little Gold icon next to it and you just ignored the whole thing. Or maybe you were curious but you didn’t feel like digging deeper into the subject. 

Guess what? It’s your lucky day because we gathered everything you need to know in one blog post. 

Make yourself comfortable and let’s start from the beginning…

What is it?

The Plus membership includes additional services which may be purchased by using Gold. Unlike the Gold Club, plus features last for a certain number of days after which their effects expire and the bought Plus membership needs to be renewed – this is done by purchasing the Plus membership again. And no, it’s pay-to-win. You can find this option by clicking on the “Buy Gold” icon.

How much does it cost?

You can buy the plus membership for 7 days with 10 Gold on servers with 1x speed and 3 days with 10 Gold on servers with 2x or 3x speed. If you are a plus member you can use all plus features for free and without limits.

What are the advantages?

When you go to your messages, you can find the option “Notes” and this is where you find the Notepad. This is a good place to leave yourself, your dual and your sitter reminders about what you want to be done in the account. 
Don’t forget to press the “Save” button when you are done writing!

Waiting Loop
Your Tribe can put one assignment to build buildings OR resource fields into the waiting loop as long as you have enough resources to do it. After the first assignment is finished the next assignment in the waiting loop will begin. This is a very big advantage that allows you to remain more time away from the game and yet still be active in resource/building development fields.

Large Map
You can enlarge the map to get a fullscreen overview. Click the symbol shown in the screenshot below.

Archive your reports and messages
Important reports and messages can be archived and thereby be looked up faster. Additionally, you can choose several messages or reports and archive or delete them all at once.

Central village overview
You can check out all your villages at once. If you own more than one village you can reach the central village overview by clicking “Villages” directly above the list of your villages. Here you can see different tabs that let you keep track of pretty much everything you need for an efficient village management: attacks, buildings, troops, resources, etc.

Just write a couple of letters and the entire village name will appear. If you are in a rush, this is a perfect time saver.

Freely definable direct links
Do you need a shortcut to your marketplace? Thanks to these links, you can reach every page you want with just one click. Just create a link to every destination you want and it will be saved.

Flagging of attacks
You may have noticed the grey ball beside incoming attacks. If you click on this grey ball, the color of the ball will change. Use it to mark severe attacks in red (or another color) for example.

In Travian: Path to Pandora, we will remove the “Plus” statistics and replace them with a new system that provides the player with more insights. This system will be free and available to everyone in their account.

On the statistics page, you will find a new tab called “General” with tons of information that we hope will help you to manage your account. This information is only available to people who have access to the account, including sitters.

What’s your favorite Plus feature?