Travian: Path to Pandora ~ Server Start Dates

Save the date, dear players! The moment you’ve been all been waiting for has finally arrived….

September is getting closer and closer and we are excited to share with you the server starts for our Annual Special, Path To Pandora!

Don’t forget to tell your friends about it! 

NORDICS: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark
BALTICS: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia
BALKANS: Greece, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia
LUSOBRASILEIRO: Brasil, Portugal
ENGLISH: UK, USA, Australia
HISPANO: Spain, Chile

4 Comments on “Travian: Path to Pandora ~ Server Start Dates

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  4. I really love this format of the game. It would be great to have even more “advanced” functions like forwarding troops, conquering other tribe villages, regions and encient powers, make it little cheaper in gold terms but make it more usable and even more advanced. Keep up the evolving. is there 3x speed of these kind of servers starting?

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