As I’m sure you know, the Qualification servers have begun and it’s now time for a first review. Our official Travian reporter, Safiren, prepared a summary just for you. If you want to read the full version with more maps and interviews, head over to her Corner on our forums. 

The whole server map shows a balanced server where 4 bigger metas have formed. We have Vietnam in NorthEast, Ghetto (International), X3 (Russia) and Μ-Λ (Greeks) in SouthEast. P.T (Iran), WEA and Ænigma (International) are situated in SouthWest and in NorthWest we have Bulgaria, SSG and NW™ (International). The independent alliances are mostly in SE and NW, which makes those two quadrants more interesting.

Vietnam 450 accounts (Red)
Ghetto&Co 280 accounts (Violet)
Iran&Co 310 accounts (Orange)
Bulgaria&Co 250 accounts (Green)
BH, PP (Black) and single alliances (Blue) 450 accounts

The war between Ghettos leader Tuomiopäivä and Bomber from BH draws a lot of interest on the server. Any new reports? Players are asking. They have settled a 15 c each that shares the same three 50% oases. For now, they both have to rebuild their armies.

It has been only 1 month in the server but so far all the four metas seems to have equal chances to have a saying in the endgame. We will know more after artifacts appear.

Stay tuned for the second part!