Travian: Path to Pandora ~ Your Conspiracy Theories

As we announced a couple of weeks ago, the Closed Beta for our Annual Special, Travian: Path to Pandora, is starting on the 1st of August. We have been posting videos and teasers on our platforms, we gave out some spoilers with Shu’s Story, but there is still a lot that we haven’t told you. 

We are not trying to be mean, but don’t you love that feeling of mystery and anticipation? We sure do.

That’s why we asked you to let your imagination run wild and speculate on which new features will be included this year. And let me tell you, we were not disappointed by your answers. Some of you even got quite close to what is going to happen.

Everything will be revealed in due time, so let’s just have a look at the most interesting and funny conspiracy theories you posted on our forum and social media channels so far.

We were extremely impressed by one particular user on our forums: Bonzo

Our fellow player came up with 5 brand new features: The Spy, The Gardener, The Thief, The Trickster and The Emissary.

Bonzo even drew the equipped hero

Each feature has very specific prerequisites. Here are some examples:

The Spy “can only and exclusively spy out Roman accounts. If you choose to play the Roman tribe, be aware that nothing on your account will stay personal”

The Gardener “can only grow oasis if you never had activated the vacation mode nor will you be able anymore to activate it for the rest of the server. You have to work non-stop, no break, no rest!“.

The Thief “can only elevate a building like a feather and move it to another village effortlessly if your hero is equipped with the Jewelled Tankard of the Souse“.

The Trickster “can only transform offensive troops of incoming attacks into defensive troops sent by Gallic accounts. If you choose to play the Gallic tribe, be aware that your mighty hammer can turn into an awesome anvil with a possible dramatic splat“.

The Emissary “can only chief a capital if your account language is set to sign language. This will be added newly to the list of languages – numbers will be changed to sign spelling as well. It will stay all server long if you once used this feature“.

Wouldn’t it be awesome? We will let you be the judge of that.

khibli suggested that specific tribes could “only spawn in certain area and fight each other; Natars vs Gauls vs Romans vs Huns vs Eagypts vs Teutons (last man standing tribes wins)”. Rozenfield_UK had a long list of detailed features that included “having your own alliance colors and flags that will look different for every alliance and are seen from map for their colors as territory based or villages are seen in their colors“.

And, of course, there was a lot of speculations about the Natars. For example, Storm Striker said it could  “be possible that now natars learn that they need to upgrade themselves and they start acting like real player and even attack or defend against players as shu taught them something new”.

And these are just some of the crazy ideas you came up with. Keep an eye on our forum threads to dig deeper into the subject and don’t forget to post your own entries!

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  1. I don’t play t4 very much espeecially the slower servers but I am interested in playing the Path to Pandora server and reading all the answers to your questionabout speculating what new features may be added to the server intrigues me and I sereiously tink that thy could improve the game and make it a much better experience for the players.
    One thing I will suggest could be done is to make it posssible to use some of the animals that you capture for defends as attacking troops such as Wolves & Tigers and Elephants in place of rams at a small cost of crop to feed them.

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