Meet the Team: Martin, Brand Marketing Manager

You may have seen him in the past hosting one of our videos on YouTube or perhaps you’ve read the some of the blogs he has written. He’s one of the most important members of the Travian: Legends team, helping us get our awesome game out there into the world. Meet Martin, our Brand Marketing Manager!

Hi Martin, thank you for giving us the time to get to know you a bit more! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and for how long have you been working on Travian: Legends?

Of course, hello everyone! My name is Martin and I am the Travian: Legends marketing guy if you like to call it that way. I am working on Legends for about 3 years now. To work in the games industry was always a dream for me, as I am a passionate gamer. I am also trying my best to compete in Travian: Legends but the players giving me a hard time.

How did you end up being the Brand Marketing Manager for Travian: Legends? How did this adventure start?

That is a good question, I joined Travian Games for the first time during University, as an intern in Marketing. By that time I built advertisements for all kind of games in the office. After doing my degree, there was the chance to take the position as brand marketing manager. I am always up for a challenge and tried it out. So far it worked well and I am having a lot of fun here!

What does the average day look like for you at the office?

To describe my day, it is necessary to tell you what my job actually is: In a nutshell, it is basically to create and form the way of how players experience the game. In the team, we define what Travian: Legends stands for, what makes it so special and also what kind of values do we want to represent with Legends.  Together with the Marketing and Community Management team, we form this into specific campaigns or events. With those campaigns, we want to convince players to join and stay with us.

I work in close contact with all marketing and game departments, that is why there is no average day for me. There is always something different to do and some different topic to manage. And that is what I like so much about the position. You can create awesome things out of your own ideas and see the results of them.

What makes Travian: Legends such an interesting project for you as a Brand Marketing Manager?

Mainly because of two things: First it’s the game and its community. To play and compete in Travian takes guts and time. It is clearly not a game for everybody, you have to be a smart person and able to manage your time very well. I like that because you really have to think, how to convince people, who are like that to join the game and why they will have tons of fun with it. You cannot just grab a lot of money, throw it on the market and hope for the best. This way, you will fail with Travian on the long-term.

This also contributes to the second thing. You know Travian is already a classic, an old game compared to others. We don’t want to be known for that, that is why for the past years, we are working like crazy to improve it and bring it back to a state of the art. Our goal is to keep satisfying our existing players and appeal as many new ones as possible. We are definitely not stepping on the breaks because the game is so matured, no we have to move it forward more than ever. This is by far not an easy thing to do. And that what makes it so interesting for me.

What would you say was the most memorable highlight for you from time working at Travian Games?

To be here, when we announced the Huns and Egyptian Tribes last year for the Fire and Sand special event. To organize and help to create the whole event together with the team and see what a success it was, this was a special thing to experience. But there are many more moments to tell about, too much for this interview.

You’re working for a gaming company, so you must play games. right? What are your top 3 all time favourite games?

Uff, hard question. If I really have to nail down three it would be Witcher 3, World of Warcraft and Resident Evil 1 (Biohazard) all of them as equal to each other

Now for a random question, when was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?

As we are based in Bavaria, I went last winter to the Alps for Skiing. I have never been on top of a snowy mountain before and I definitely cannot ski, therefore I combined both. It was awesome and I am definitely going to do it again!

Thank you for reading our interview, we hope you enjoyed getting to know Martin a bit more! If you have any questions for Martin, don’t hesitate to leave him a comment, otherwise, stay tuned for the next edition of Meet the Team!