Legends on Tour: Day 3

Last but not the least, of the Legends on Tour! It started with a bang with our first ever live-stream then continued into more workshops with customer service part 2, marketing and the tournament topics being tackled. Here are the highlights of Day 3!

What could be a better way to start the day than with a live stream? On top of that, the first live-stream we’ve ever held! For those of you who missed it, day 3 started with the live-stream of the Qualification Round group server drawing on our Facebook page. With a few slight hiccups and a bit of stress, we managed to get through the stream without any major issues. I would say this was quite a success! Everyone seemed to really enjoy the stream and would probably agree, that it was a fun and refreshing way to draw the group server countries.

We scheduled quite a bit of time for the stream and as it finished pretty quickly, we had time before lunch to discuss some topics that we were unable to in the Customer Service workshop. Frank, the Head of Customer Service, returned to help us all navigate the following topics with the group:

  • Training for Multihunters
  • Rule 1.1 and its complications
  • The department’s internal statistics presentation (average response times, ticket count, etc)
  • Zero visibility of the support team
  • Stronger punishment for rule breakers

It was a lively discussion with some interesting and valid points being shared but as soon as the pizza arrived it was time for lunch! Soon after, we were invited to observe the regular fortnightly meeting of the development team, in which they present their recent accomplishments.

We then returned to our workshop room and dived straight into the Tournament/Marketing workshop, led by Martin our Brand Marketing Manager. 

Some of the topics we covered included:

  • The Travian Tournament, it’s desired future and current issues
  • Player onboarding, how to attract new players and teach them how to play
  • Advertising, new ways to advertise and how to attract a younger audience

This was the last workshop and at this point, the group was pretty exhausted. Regardless, we all still managed to stay alive (despite the lack of sleep that some of our guests mentioned) and share some really great insights. 

After a short break, the heads of each department and the CEO of Travian Games, Lars joined us for the final feedback round. Lars expressed his gratitude for the players accepting our invitation for the event and gave them the opportunity to ask him anything. 

Then it was time to have some fun! The group headed to Munich’s city center to play the Escape Room experience, a physical adventure game in which players enter a room to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. There were two teams with 5 of our guest players in each. Both teams chose their unique “story/mystery” to solve and started their puzzles at the same time. After much anticipation to see which team would escape their room first, the winners emerged!

First team to solve their mystery!

The group then head to the Augustiner-Keller restaurant specializing in Bavarian cuisine in a traditional cozy atmosphere, a lovely way to end the day.

That wraps up day 3 of the Legends on Tour! Thank you all for reading the highlights throughout the week, it’s been quite an intense few days for everyone. As I was more of an observer of the tour, watching the progression of the developers and players coming closer and closer together in understanding one another was an absolute pleasure to witness. It appears that the goal of minimizing the gap between the developers and players has been achieved. To what extent? Time will tell. There are many learnings and takeaways to digest, but now we have stacks of ammunition provided by our players to use going forward in making Travian: Legends the best game it can be.

We’ll be releasing more details and highlights on this event in the near future, so stay tuned to our forums and Facebook page! Thanks for reading and happy raiding everyone!