Legends on Tour: Day 2

The action doesn’t stop, on Day 2 of the Legends on Tour. Today, you could say, was the meat and potatoes of the event with some really exciting and juicy topics which our player guests got to sink their teeth into. Day 2 consisted of the game design workshop, new feature reveals and the development and QA workshop. Here are the highlights of the day!

The day began without hesitation as we dived straight into the Game Design workshop led by Jake, our Game Designer. As there were so many topics submitted, we asked our players to vote on the ones they believed most important to make sure that the highest voted subjects were addressed before the workshop was over.

Topics submitted by our players

Throughout the next four hours, there were many engaging discussions with some great ideas being shared along with understandable concerns being expressed. The group’s approach to each of the design challenges discussed was impressive and passionate. It was also enjoyable to observe the progression of the discussions around each design issue. As the players and developers brainstormed their ideas and argued their points eventually, the group was able to come to an understanding or agreement.

Game Designer Jake leading the workshop

Some of the topics which were discussed included:

  • Offensive points and how players farm Natars to boost them
  • Reinforcements & Supplies from secret/outside alliances and the idea of restricting supply to be from the same Alliance/Confederacy
  • The challenges faced developing a mobile app and what’s required before beginning can be considered
  • The possibility of a smaller/dynamic map

It was an insightful workshop, and again, a pleasure to witness the constructive attitude that each party displayed to help find solutions for these design issues. 

After lunch, our players were in for a treat and were presented some of the new features that are in the pipeline! It began with Miguel, our Senior UX Designer, presenting the UI/UX features planned for the future. Our player guests were given the opportunity to provide their direct feedback and seemed very excited about the changes that are to come.

Next, Jake took the stage once again and presented some of the new features that will be in the next Annual Special which, unfortunately, we cannot share with you, our dear readers, just yet! 

We also presented the progress of the new Combat Simulator which we announced late last year and were given some extra valuable feedback to consider moving forward.

After a short break, it was time to begin the Development and QA workshop led by Dirk, the Tech Lead of the development team. Understandably, this workshop invoked particular attention from our players as it’s no secret that there have been a series of technical issues the game has suffered in recent history. 

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Bot detection efforts and challenges faced
  • Quality of releases and the QA workflow
  • The issues of blocking proxies to prevent multi accounts
  • Server load issues and circumvention efforts
  • The reason behind the starvation issue on the Finals 2017
  • Building plans spawning on unexpected coordinates

Passions were high during this workshop which was expected and understandable. Nevertheless, as our players raised their questions and concerns, after much discussion and Q&A, in the end, the group came to an understanding of the unique multi-faceted technical challenges the project faces. 

Martina, Martin and Ecki at the famous medieval style restaurant

We had dinner in Welser-Kuche, it was a typical medieval dinner. After arriving, they made us wash our hands in a stone sink while they were pouring warm water on us, then they dried our hands and provided us with a big towel around our neck. Soon it was clear, in the medieval age, there were no forks, spoons and similar items. We only had our hands and a big knife to eat, even the soup!

We got entertained during the entire evening in medieval style, with music and tasks. It was very entertaining and funny.





Overall, Day 2 was an intense day with exciting topics and spirited discussion. The tenacity and passion of our player guests is always a delight to observe. The event is challenging and demands much energy, however, the feedback, insights, and learnings gained so far have been fantastic. From my observations, it appears that great progress has been made in the common goal of bringing the developer and the players closer together in understanding each other.

Thank you for reading Day 2 of the Legends on Tour, stay tuned tomorrow for Day 3!