Legends on Tour: Day 1 Highlights

The Legends on Tour Day 1 was a busy day, to say the least! The energy, enthusiasm, and passion of our player guests were not withheld in the many discussions that took place throughout the day. Here are some brief highlights of Day 1 of the Legends on Tour.

As our guests were traveling from different countries each of them arrived in Munich all at different times. The beginning of event started 2:00 PM at the Travian Games headquarters where they were welcomed by Brian, the Product Owner of Travian: Legends along with Martina, the Community Communications Manager, Ameno the Senior Community Manager and Chris the Customer Service Team Lead.

After brief introductions, Martina explained the general overview of the event, the schedule, what to expect and answered some questions from our guests. 

Then it was time for the office tour to show them all the different departments working at Travian Games. We first stopped by at the Tech Support office and were given a short introduction by Yorck, the team lead, about the department’s responsibilities and processes. After a short discussion round, we moved on to the Marketing team, where David, the director of Marketing, gave a brief introduction of his department and expressed his excitement for the event. 

Next Ecki, the Game Director who you may have seen in our first Ask Travian episode introduced himself and spoke on his enthusiasm and appreciation for their participation.

Lastly, we arrived at the Travian: Legends development team’s office, where they were briefly introduced to each of the team members working on the project such as the developers, designers, artists, and QA.

After a short break, we returned to the meeting room where we will spend the majority of our time the next days and where all the workshops will take place. To start things off, we dived straight into the Community Management and Customer Support topics for Day 1 with Cecile, the Head of Community Management and Frank the Head of Customer service joining for the workshop. 

Many topics were tackled during the hours of the workshop with passionate opinions and concerns being expressed throughout. So many in fact it was hard to keep track! A few of the topics that were discussed include:

  • Clarifying what the typical Travian player looks like to improve the communication approach
  • Negative customer support experiences such as unsatisfactory responses and response time
  • The banning procedure

Each player was given the opportunity to express their concerns, feedback, and ideas on the two departments which resulted in a great display of constructive discussion. It was a pleasure to witness our player’s passion for the game and their desire for solutions on the various issues that were discussed.

The evening continued with a dinner at a famous Munich burger restaurant, where the team, together with the players, enjoyed a great dinner and good time together. We only missed the popcorn to watch ELE and Brian discussing features, which was quite an interesting show.

It already feels like we have learned so much from just this first workshop and can only expect even greater discussion the next two days!