In a few months, the qualification servers will begin for the Tournament Finals 2018. This means that the drawing for the qualification group servers will commence soon. We noticed that many of you have been asking, how do we select the countries which will be included in the group servers?

We want to be as transparent as possible with you all and thought now’s a great time to answer that question!

For those of you who aren’t already aware, the qualification round consists of six servers which players can do battle and earn the right to participate in the tournament. These six servers are structured like so;

  • One International (English) Server
  • One Arabic International Server
  • And four group servers, each consisting of one host and three guest countries (for a total of 16 countries)

So, why do we have this structure? First, let’s start with a status quo. We host over 250 total servers for more than 40 countries around the world. A lot of players participate in the qualification round, but we can’t have them all play on one server due to technical reasons. Over the years, we found that six servers were enough to handle all the players interested in playing in a more competitive environment.  

But how do we decide which country gets a dedicated server?

Due to the significant amount of players in the Arabic community, they require a dedicated qualification server, the Arabic International. The International (English) Server is for players from the countries which weren’t included in the group servers. This server’s game language and the support will be in English.

In order for a country to be eligible for a group server, it needs to be in the top 16 of the ‘active players’ and average ‘online players’ statistics from the previous year.

However, there are exceptions. As we award real prizes to the winners of the tournament, legal complications can arise depending on the local prohibition laws of that country such as Italy and Spain. This means that some countries we cannot invite to participate even though they make it into the top 16 and that’s why they aren’t included in the four group servers. Unfortunately, residents of these countries will not be eligible for prizes. The actual countries affected can be seen in the Tournament Terms & Conditions.

The top four countries with the highest average of the statistics we mentioned, will be nominated as hosts. Each host gets their own server which is then allocated three out of the twelve remaining countries.

That about wraps it up! Thank you for reading this short explanation about the qualification group server selection process, we hope we’ve answered some of the questions you might have had. If you have any further questions, let us know in the comments. Otherwise, stay tuned and get excited because we will soon announce the host and guest countries for the Travian Tournament 2018!

Happy raiding everyone!

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