The Tournament 2018 is on the horizon but as you all know, first comes the Qualification round! We’re pleased to announce the guest countries participating in this year’s group servers!

For those of you who aren’t already aware, the qualification round consists of six servers which players can do battle and earn the right to participate in the tournament. These six servers are structured like so;

  • One International (English) Server
  • One Arabic International Server
  • And four group servers, each consisting of one host and three guest countries (for a total of 16 countries)

After analyzing the ‘active players’ statistics across all countries in 2017 we have found the top 16 countries eligible for the group servers:

What happens now?

For the first time ever on May 4th at 10 AM GMT+2 we will be live-streaming the drawing for the group the servers on the official Travian: Legends Facebook page. We will randomly allocate one guest country from each pot to each of the host’s group servers and we won’t be doing it alone. Our esteemed player guests from the Legends on Tour will be joining us for this historic event! 

So save the date! Tune into our FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM on Friday MAY 4th at 10:00 AM GMT+2 to see which countries will be battling it out in the qualification round.

Got a question?
Leave them in the comments and we’ll try to answer it on the live steam!


The Qualification round had started! Sign up here: