Legends on Tour: Meet Schmitz’ Katze

Now for the lucky last of our guests for the Legends on Tour event! She’s a Travian veteran and has been playing since 2010. Meet Schmitz’ Katze!

For the readers who don’t know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and for how long you’ve been playing Travian?

Schmitz’ Katze, better known as Lotte on .de servers. As a female player above 40, I am not the prototypical Travian: Legends player, I’m afraid. I started playing Travian kind of accidentally back in 2010. My first server started awfully, I understood simply nothing and did almost everything wrong. I happened to join a good alliance later into the server (I was playing Gaul, lots of pop, close to no troops – I am still wondering why they didn’t kick me instantly when they found out) and my leaders – all half my age and quite good at the game – found me somewhat funny I guess. So it became kind of alliance-office, sent out MMs for them and did loads of boring routine stuff. In return, they answered all my questions about the game – and they paid a high price for me doing their secretary work. Right after my first server (which then went pretty well due to those awesome and patient guys), I considered myself ready for finals. Well, I wasn’t. We were never even close to succeeding but I fell in love with the speed, met some other fine players (who probably kept me as a kind of mascot I’m afraid) and joined my first 3x speed server one year later. And I never went back to snail servers.

What is it about Travian that has made it more than a game to you? What makes it so special?

Above and before all: The people I am having the pleasure to play with for about 5 years now. Back in 2013 two of my friends and I had the spontaneous idea to collect a team for the upcoming speed server. A small group, no NAPs, no confederacies, just us against everyone else. It was quite a challenge – individual players and play-styles differed so strongly from one another. Some knew each other, some didn’t. Some had met before as enemies. Some were admired by many, some were hated. And all have grown together and have become a great team regardless. I have never met a group that even begins to compare with them. And I still feel privileged to be part of this awesome group. Meanwhile, I have met quite a few of them in real life and can gladly call them friends.

What is one of your favorite memories playing Travian?

To be honest I remember more awkward moments or (in retrospective) funny fails than any “shiny moments”. The .org-servers were special. I loved the 3x speed org server. Despite being a ‘gold-noob’ I somehow managed to join a wonderful alliance and got the opportunity to learn how deff-planning is done. Sadira, who I still consider the best def-planner I have ever met allowed me to understand how def is _really_ done and shared her knowledge with me. That was when I contracted my passion for def-planning… and never lost it since then.

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming Legends on Tour event?

I honestly hope the event will be giving us the chance to talk, listen and understand. There is so much the community is worried about and dissatisfied with. So many great players who left. If we and Travian: Legends manage to pull together we will hopefully be able to find a way to “make Travian great again”.

Thank you for reading our interview with Schmitz’ Katze! We hope you enjoyed it.

That wraps up all the guest interviews for the Legends on Tour event. We’re extremely thrilled to meet our players next well in person and can’t wait to share the experience with you all. Stay tuned to our Facebook page next week for highlights during the event and make sure you tune in at 10 AM GMT+2 for the live streaming of the tournament 2018 qualification drawing!






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