Legends on Tour: Meet Rinobit

The weekend is over and it’s time to get to know the last of our esteemed players who will visit us here at the Travian Games HQ. In this edition, we interview a player of Travian for over 8 years and the leader of one of the strongest alliances on the IT domains. Meet Rinobit from Italy!

For the readers who don’t know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and for how long you’ve been 

playing Travian?

Hello, my name is Rino, I’m from Pompei (in Naples), I’m 38 years old, married and have two beautiful children. I started to play Travian since 2010 in order to help a friend. In the last 8 yearsI’ve met many players with great experiences, and the in-game’s friendships have evolved to become real friendships. 

What is it about Travian that has made it more than a game to you? What makes it so special?

Travian is a seemingly simple game, with minimalist graphics, but behind it, there is a big world, strategies, and diplomacy. Those who don’t play can’t imagine this world. There’s a lot of math and probability calculation, one of my passions. 

Before Travian, I played “Age of Empires”  but when I started Travian, I loved it. I was amazed when I discovered that the nearby village was played by people like me, and not by computer.

What is one of your favorite memories playing Travian?

I’m lucky to play with a strong and very well organized group, thanks to this group I won many servers, even as WW holder. I won both Italian and international servers and I have many beautiful memories of them. But if I have to choose one, I still remember the pleasure of playing on my first server, one of the most beautiful Italian servers in Travian .it history, called “Titan Match”.

In this server I’ve learned everything I know about this game, I was in the center of the map, and I was attacked from 4 quadrants. If I’m not mistaken, at the end of the server I was ranked in the top 20 defenders. I got a WW (only for a short time), I did missions and I met friends with whom I’m still playing today. I played Travian day and night at my computer, smartphones weren’t very common yet. I get excited every time I think about it.

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming Legends on Tour event?

Seriously, I think it will be a beautiful event. It will be a real thrill to visit the heart of this game. I hope to provide good service to the Italian community reporting thoughts and suggestions of my countrymen. In the same way, I hope to make a good contribution to Travian Games with my participation at this event

Thank you for reading our short interview with Rinobit, we hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or would like to send him a message, you can contact him on the forums.

Next, we meet LordTurek_PL a well-known player and active forum member who has been playing Travian for 9 years. Stay tuned tomorrow!



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