Legends on Tour: Meet FreakZz

Well known for their deep knowledge of the game and willingness to offer great feedback, our next guest has been playing almost since Travian started. If you’re a part of the DE community, you might have seen their name before. Meet FreakZz A.K.A Rene from Germany!

For the readers who don’t know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and for how long you’ve been playing Travian?

Hi, I am FreakZz from the German community. My name is Rene and I am 23 years old. I have been playing Travian since 2006. My first server was dex1 in Germany.

What is it about Travian that has made it more than a game to you? What makes it so special?

For me, Travian is not only a game but also a hobby. Whoever loved The Settler games from ‘Blue Byte’ will love Travian. The friends I have made over the years make the game special for me.

What is one of your favorite memories playing Travian?

Oh, this is kind of a hard question, I don’t miss the time to wake up at night in order to send chiefs or attacks. I think every memory about Travian is a special memory for myself.  The first server-win or first time I achieved Rank 1 is something special I think.

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming Legends on Tour event?

I’m looking forward to finding a good dialogue between the community and the Travian Legends team. For me, it’s important to represent the interests of the community.

Thank you for reading our short interview with FreakZz. If you would like to contact them, you can send them a message on our forums.

Next up, we have Lemon from Denmark, a well-known player in the UK community. Stay tuned tomorrow for the interview!





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  1. You should reach out to BonneChance on the US servers. I’ve known him for a while, and IMO he’s the best American player. He would probably give a good interview.

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