Legends on Tour: Meet cris@

First up in our Legends on Tour player interviews is cris@ A.K.A Cristiana from Rome, Italy! A veteran player from 2008 now playing on the com domain. She will be joining the tour here in Munich!

For the readers who don’t know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and for how long you’ve been playing Travian?

My name is Cristiana, I live in Rome I love coffee, chocolate, smoking, drinking wine, reading crime novels and chatting with enemies… In Travian what I love most is killing enemies troops. I have been playing Travian since 2009 (or 2008 I’m not sure) and I usually play 1x speed servers. I started playing on .it domain and now I usually play on .com.

What is it about Travian that has made it more than a game to you? What makes it so special?

There are many factors. The first one is the team part. I love Travian for being a team game, you can’t achieve nothing without a good team. I like the teamwork in planning an OP or working on incomings, in preparing the WW setup and so on. A second aspect is that every server is slightly different, you always learn something new from new allies or enemies. 

Travian is a complex game, and complexity is always interesting and challenging. In my Travian-life I experienced various game styles, I played as attacker, WWk, WWr, OC, scouter and DC). My favourite “role” is DC, and I adore the challenge of being able to understand where the “enemies” are going to hit!

What is one of your favorite memories playing Travian?

So difficult to reply to this question, I have plenty of funny memories. My favorites ones are related to some funny mistakes, mostly during Ops. Like sending chief on an oasis instead of a village and so on. One year we did a sort of contest in our alliance; “The Noob of the Week”, every week we voted the best mistake, it was really funny (I remember someone who tried to self-chief his own capital, another one who ended up in auto chiefing his hammer village and so on).

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming Legends on Tour event?

Being able to help in improving the Legends servers.


Thank you for reading, great to have you join us @cris. Next, we meet Aprendiz from Basque! Stay tuned for our interview tomorrow.




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