Legends on Tour: Event Overview

It’s finally happening. We’ve been wanting to host this event for a while and now, the stars have finally aligned. For those of you who aren’t aware, we’ve invited ten representatives from Travian communities around the world to our capital village, the Travian Games headquarters here in Munich! We’ll be working with our guests to discuss several areas of the game’s development, brainstorm improvements, and ideas, but the most important of all, to help us hear the voice of our community. In this article, we want to let you know when and what to expect because, on the 2nd of May, Legends on Tour begins!

Who will be attending?

We’re committed to making Travian: Legends the best gaming experience it can be. We understand that in order to achieve this, we need to minimize the gap between us, the developers and the players so that we can steer Travian: Legends into the right direction, together.

In an effort to do this, we wanted to meet ten of the most passionate and respected players who could best represent their community to hear their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about the game. After receiving a proposed list of suggested players from our Community Managers, we’re excited to have confirmed the players who will be able to join us!

The players joining us will be:

 Aprendiz, cris@, ELE, FreakZz, Lemon, LordTurek_PL, Safiren, Schmitz’ Katze, slow ciliatus and Rinobit.

If you’re active in your community, you might know these players or at least have heard of them. If not, we’ll be introducing each of them through short interviews on our blog during the lead up to the event. We’ll also be sharing the interviews on our Facebook page.

So, what’s the agenda? 

The tour will begin on the 2nd of May and will run for three days. During the visit, we will introduce the different departments working on Travian: Legends to our guests and conduct workshops to discuss improvements in each area with them. In addition, our Senior Community Manager Ameno and Chris the Customer Service Team Lead will be accompanying our guests during the entire event as well as participate in all the workshops. 

We’re also excited to share that this year’s Tournament Qualification drawing will be presented a bit differently. Normally, the drawing of the group server countries would be filmed and posted on our YouTube channel but this year we will be live streaming the event on our Facebook page. The live stream will be on Day 3 of the tour, the 4th of May at 10 AM GMT+2. We will announce it beforehand closer to the date to remind everyone.

Here’s a brief outline of each of the day’s focus during the tour:

Day 1 – May 2nd

To kick things off we will give our a tour around the office and have a short meet and greet with the Travian: Legends Team. The main focus for the day will be workshops on Community Management and Customer Support related topics with Ameno and Chris. 

Day 2 – May 3rd

It will be all about Game Design and Development for the second day. Our guests will work with our Game Designer Jake and Product Owner Brian to discuss the game’s design and upcoming features. Later, they will meet Priya, the Project Lead and discuss topics related to QA and the game’s development.

Day 3 May 4th

For the last day, the focus will be on the Tournament 2018, beginning with our first ever Facebook Live Stream of the Qualification Drawing at 10 AM GMT+2. Afterward, they will get to meet Martin, the Brand Manager to discuss the Tournament and our Video production efforts for the game.

How do I stay updated on the event?

Throughout the tour, we will be providing you with updates on Facebook. In addition, we will be posting a diary article on our blog to give you the highlights of each day’s activities. So, make sure you’ve followed us on Facebook to stay in the loop!

Thank you for reading this brief overview of the Legends on Tour event. We’re really excited to meet our guests and looking forward to working with them to make Travian: Legends the best it can be! 


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